Searching Stage

Searching Stage

To find the Filipina woman that you want to date and to love or even get married to, you have to go through different stages - and the first stage is the "Searching" stage. What are the questions that you should be asking yourself when you are aware that you want to take this route? How will you arm yourself with knowledge and make the first step of your journey not as scary as others have described it?

"The Dating Stage"

Dating Stage

The second stage of your journey is the dating stage. You are aware at this stage that you want to take the route of taking the risks of coming here in the Philippines to see her, meet her family and know more about her culture. The dating stage is the phase where you are willing to move to the next level or I would call it serious level...

Getting Married

Getting Married Stage

If you are at this phase of your journey, the "Getting Married" stage, you've gone far and learned a lot yourself already. What are the information that you need to get through this phase hassle free? How will you prepare yourself financially, mentally and emotionally when you know that you are heading this phase? How will you prepare your finances to get everything in order?

I'd set up a way on how to serve you better. Watch this video to learn more how I will be able to serve you.