Skype Counseling Sessions

Trial Session

Roma's Trial Skype Session

Roma's Trial Skype Session

30-minutes of video or audio Consulting, Counseling Session


30-Minute Session

Roma's 30-Minutes One-on-One Skype

Roma's 30-Minutes Skype Session

After trying my Trial Session this is the regular 30-minute deal


1 Hour Session

Roma's One Hour Skype Session

Roma's One Hour Skype Session

A good amount of time to spend if you have complex issues


2 Hours Session

Roma's 2 Hours One-on-One Skype Session

Roma's 2 Hours Skype Session

For multiple issues you want to consult with, this is the deal


One-on-one Skype Counseling Session

In this One-on-one Skype Counseling session, you can tell me personally what your problems, issues are about your journey. You can tell me in detail your worries, your fears, your pains and I'm confident enough that I will have advice or ideas how to handle your situation or the least thing I can offer is be a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on.

There are issues in our life that we can express clearly only in a form of talking. Talking is a better way to express our emotion and at the same time it lessen our feelings of being full with the overwhelming energy or emotion inside us, and that's why it's very important to have someone who will listen, empathize, understand exactly what you're going through, and the last will be brave enough to give you advice or to tell you what is the best thing to do whether you like the advice or not. That is called counseling.

If you want  me to give you an actual advice on how to deal with or give you ideas and possible solutions on your current issues about your dating Filipina situation, help in finding how genuine she is, if she's a potential scammer or a real love seeker, if she's really attracted to you or only wanting a green card, if she's looking for love and not a financier, you name it and I can give you an initial advice that will help you save a lot of time, heartaches, frustration and even money in the long run, try one of my sessions above, but I highly recommend to try my Trial Session specifically intended for newcomers.

Voice-to-voice Counseling Method

Short Voice-to-Voice Counseling Method

Roma's Short Voice-to-voice Counseling Method

Send me your voice recording of your issues and I'll send you my advice in a form of voice recording as well.

$5.00 Buy Now


Long Voice-to-Voice Counseling Method

Roma's Long Voice-to-Voice Counseling Method

Send me your voice recording of your issues and I'll send you my advice in a form of voice recording as well.

$10.00 Buy Now


Voice-to-voice Counseling Method

This counseling method is for guys who are not wanting to do one-on-one Skype calls, who doesn't have the time to sync their schedule to my schedule, then you can record your voice using the Vocaroo recording device below and send your recorded voice to me via email ( or via contact form. Follow the instructions provided below the Vocarro device.

How to use this Vocaroo recording device:

After you avail any of my sessions, Skype or Voice-to-voice counseling method, you can tell me right away by emailing me or by recording your voice using this Vocaroo device and then fill up the form below.

This Vocaroo device will let you record your voice right away or it will also let you upload your recorded voice if you don't want to record it straight from their software. After recording, it will give you a link to share the recording and that is the link that you have to send me for me to listen to your voice message or instructions.

The voice recording and the form I believe will be very helpful and effective for me to serve you better that's why I highly recommend that you use them both.

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