Trial Session

Roma's Trial Skype Session

Roma's Trial Skype Session

30-minutes of video or audio Consulting, Counseling Session


30-Minute Session

Roma's 30-Minutes One-on-One Skype

Roma's 30-Minutes Skype Session

After trying my Trial Session this is the regular 30-minute deal


1 Hour Session

Roma's One Hour Skype Session

Roma's One Hour Skype Session

A good amount of time to spend if you have complex issues


2 Hours Session

Roma's 2 Hours One-on-One Skype Session

Roma's 2 Hours Skype Session

For multiple issues you want to consult with, this is the deal


Let me tell you a little background how I started offering these Skype Counseling Sessions.

Offering this type of service was really not my plan when I started blogging. I didn’t even have my own website back then when I started blogging. I was using the Google free blogging platform and I started creating my videos and set-up my You Tube Channel, from there I get personal messages and inquiries if I can help them with their issues. From there I was more encouraged to then set-up a website and help foreign guys a little more seriously.

Yes, I said I was a little serious back then because it was not really my focus to offer this counseling session or coaching because I was getting a lot of inquiries from freelancing sites where I offer my services if I can help them in improving or making their websites. I thought, “I need to make a website myself and start learning about HTML and WordPress so then I can explore this new field of web-designing and web-development.”

I created my Date 2 Love a Filipina for the purpose of helping foreign guys in their search of Filipina to love and to marry and at the same time learn more about how to make and maintain a website myself.  Fortunately I was hired by an SEO and web-designer guy who helped me learned more about website creation, development and a lot more. I learned a lot about web-designing and web-development within two years and helped and still helping lots of website owners to this day.

I actually created a website in partner with my used to be employer who helped me a lot in learning about web-designing and web-development. He’s now my partner in establishing and keeping our new web-development, web-designing website live in the internet. If you want to check out that new website, click here.

While I was busy working on my website development skills, I also got a lot of inquiries and request if I can do more of this counseling session, so that’s why I started to set a simple page wherein I described how they can avail my sessions and I am grateful to this day that I am still doing regular sessions with foreign guys who believe I can help them along their journey.

Lately I realized that I was getting consistent revenue from my website through these sessions so I told myself why not take this seriously, why not just focus on my own websites, so I will take this coaching and counseling session seriously because it’s a good feeling to serve and of course get compensated.  I’m taking this so seriously that I will offer more ways of serving you guys in different set-up, method and form.

You can get counseling and advice now through email and voice recording. I actually started offering the email option and voice recording when guys are too busy to show up on set up schedule or I am too busy to make video or audio Skype calls. I will set up a page about those services very soon because I know and realized that we are all busy and if we factor in the time difference, that’s the reason why email and voice recording method are very practical to offer.

You now guys have more ways of availing my sessions in method that best suits your convenience. If you prefer the main method – the Skype Counseling Sessions which was posted on top of this page; feel free to pick the type and length of session that you think suits you best. Or if you are a new guy who wants to test the water first as they say, then try my Trial Session. I offer a 100 percent money back guarantee only for this Trial Session.

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