Hi guys, I’m back and before I proceed to the topic I want to discuss today I want to let everyone know that my site is up and running. I’m still in the process of adding content to it, but the main thing is it’s up and running finally. I have the link of my site somewhere here above my head and I also put the link in the description, so if you have the time to spare, you can visit my site for more advice.

Lately I was getting questions about how to avoid being scammed or how to avoid wasting so much time by finding out later on that they were dealing with scammers?  Now, I don’t want to give a long list of red flags on how to know if the person is trying to scam you, I want to focus more on if the scammers feel that you are a good catch, so instead of focusing on them, then we will focus on you, yes you if you have the signs that you can are a good catch for them and be potential target by them. Here are the signs that you can be scammed.

  •  You are more to be scammed if you are a love seeker and you are in a dating site. Here’s the reason why. It is very well known that a person who is looking for love is a good target for scammers and you being in the dating site makes their job easier, because it easily tells them what your weakness is and initially of course they will assume that your weakness is your feelings because you’re looking for relationship and love. That explains why most scammers target love seekers because you are more vulnerable and they con you by pretending that she or he is a love seeker also, so be aware that when you’re in a dating site you are already a target of scammers whether you’re aware of it or not, but of course they will have their bait to make you interested or they have tactics they use to make you fall to their trap before they put you on a category that you are a confirmed target.
  • You are more to be scammed if you trust your judgment especially believing that an innocent looking person is impossible to be a con artist. Most of the people that are being scammed trust their own judgment and believe that as humans we don’t intend to hurt other human being. If you still believe that as humans we don’t intend to hurt other human being, then you are on the top of the scammer’s list and I’m telling you they will find a way to con you again because it’s easier to con a person like you than try to con a more precautions person. What I am trying to say I guess is if you’re not precautions or you are plain generous person, you are the con artist apple of the eye, yaay. What I would suggest being a snob or being rude has its proper place and time, so be snob and rude when needed.
  • You are more to be scammed if you are not realistic. What do I mean? There are a lot of guys complaining that they’ve been scammed by a young, beautiful woman by pretending that they love them. That’s the point—you are not realistic by believing in the first place that those young women are really interested or can really love you. I am not saying that a young woman can’t fall in love with you if you are more than 20 years her senior, but a long time investment will be the only metrics if it’s really love why she’s sticks with you. I am not being rude but the more realistic you are, the few to none con artists you will attract and by targeting women that are not way too young will lessen the scammer chance of even getting close to you.
  • The last reason I would say is that you are more to be scammed if you’re not paying attention. Listen a con artist already plan what they’re going to say and how they’re going to act in front of you and of course they already gathered all their made up story. If you’re paying attention to detail and you’re more observant then you will just notice that their stories are not relevant or no consistency. I am telling you just being observant and really listening will help you a lot. When she mentions or says something that is against what she said before or what she said on her previous story, then your alertness level will increase and then you will be convinced later on that she’s a liar and if you confirmed yourself that she’s lying then you can just step back and stop talking to that person because you already know that she or he doesn’t have a good motives in the first place.

In conclusion, con artists, scammers, they’re everywhere because they can blend in so well whether online or in real world. That’s what they’re good at, they are good in pretending and they are good in blending in so well to any group, races and ages, but if you are more realistic, observant, paying attention and most of all you can step and walk away from them, then you make yourself less attractive to them.

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