Are you ready to date and loveI want to ask you first before we elaborate the main topic, why do you want to date or love a Filipina? Was it because you see a Filipina-Foreign man couple in your neighborhood or in best case scenario they live next block or across the street and you are seeing them so in love and so happy together?

Or was it because you keep hearing your best friend telling stories how his Filipina girlfriend makes him so happy and you cannot disagree because his actions speak so loud aside from the fact that he is non-stop on telling how in love he is. You can see in his eyes that he is so happy and looking good, because the best looking people in the world are those that have inner joy coming from within, from their heart.

The happy and content look your neighbor or best friend has made you curios, isn’t it? Was it curiosity that leads you here in my site? I’m sure it is. Then you have come to the right place. Now, you are curios how to possibly meet a Filipina and you are doing the right thing, you are searching the Internet.  You want to know more, you want to research and fill yourself the information you need before taking the next step. I have to remind you, you are in the first step of your journey and that is your curiosity.

Now it’s time to fill yourselves enough information and the normal source of information is Internet. Everybody will agree that Internet is the source of information nowadays.

Of course it is, but I want to warn you Internet offers good and bad information and for some reason, I cannot explain it, negative information about Filipina are more searchable or so easy to find than the good ones and those negative information are all over the net.  That’s the very reason why I am inspired in creating this website, because I want to be one of those that are sharing the good information.

Now seeing negative information all over the net about Filipina women made you confused and then you think, “Oh maybe it’s too risky to pursue the thought of dating and marrying a Filipina online or offline.” But every time you see the Filipina-Foreign man couple, your neighbor and then your best friend at least twice a week then that curiosity will again kick in, then that curiosity will kick you hard when you heard one of your brother or uncle married a Filipina, then you have a full blown curiosity and now you are ready for your next step. What is the next step? The next step is asking yourself these questions.

Do you find Filipina women attractive? 

If you do, then mark a check. I don’t want to be particular in this topic because you can get attracted to anyone no matter what the race is, although our initial preference has a big role in getting attracted and selecting our partner, but our preferences about selecting might always change especially when you find out that here there are too many available for selection, the more selection you have the more difficult to select.

 Do you love to travel? 

You should because if the romantic plans that you’re supposed to fulfill did not work out the way you hope it to be then you can just divert it to the fact that you enjoy traveling here.

 Do you have the time to come and meet your Filipina?

This is very important because it will be unfair for the Filipina to wait for her foreign man if you yourself are uncertain about the willingness to come and visit.

Can you afford to travel at least twice a year?

Before you create your dating profile analyze your financial capability, because the plane ticket itself is expensive. It’s best to calculate the cost for a more successful end result. This also connects with the question number four, but this focus more on measuring your financial resources.

Are you really free to date?

Are You Ready To Search For Your Filipina?

Are Your Answers All Yes – You Passed the Pre-screening Questions

In other words how is your marital status, are you single, divorce, separated? This is your personal preference, you can always keep your status secret, but my advice is for a more successful searching, you have to analyze if you are in the status that you are free to date, because at the end if you are not it’s going to be double heartaches or double trouble.

If you can answer all these questions with confidence then you are ready to date and love a Filipina, but take note those questions are for yourself to analyze, I would rather call it pre-screening questions before you get to the actual process of searching and when you confidently can tell yourself you passed, then you are ready for your next step.


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17 thoughts on “Pre-screening Questions Before You Date and Love a Filipina

  1. Hello Romalyn I took an intrest to the Philippines and its people and culture back in 2013 after I saw a video clip about the Philippines on youtube. There was something in that videoclip that felt so familiar. Since then I have fallen in love with the Philippines and its language, culture, people and of course its women. I love to travel and I have visited well 6 countries, I am intrested in the pinay women because most of them has the same values like do about family and starting a serious relationship.

  2. Dear Roma,

    Thank you for the information. i am from Pennsylvania, USA. my experience has taught me that it would be best to live in the Phil. than to bring a filipina to the states because of the cultural differences. this leads me to your point about financial readiness. am seriously thinking about retiring from my job and moving to the Phil. to live there in about 18 months. So my question is about finances. What is the necessary amount of money in savings and in monthly income needed to sustain a serious relationship with a filipina and her family? i will only have 10 thousand dollars in savings and 12 hundred dollars in monthly income. Maybe this is not enough? just need to know before i even start! Thank you for your reply and advice!

    Sincerely Rick

    1. Hi Rick,
      I have so much answers to give regarding your question. There are also some disadvantage living here in the Philippines for a foreigner like you. I don’t know how much exposure or experience you have about the family bonding and ties of us Filipino people, but it is very closely tied to the point that it has some negative consequences.

      I’m telling you this because you seem so open in including her family to the financial calculation of your future plans which is very wise thing to do. Because her family’s financial issues will always be something to deal with sooner or later.

      Now, the monthly income that you mentioned, you can live comfortably if you are in a province where the cost of living is not high, like here in our province. There are nice two-three bedroom apartments that will cost you 5,000-8-000 pesos. If you are patient or someone will find an aparment for you then you can have a very nice, cozy apartment like the one we have for only 5,000. This apartment cost 3 times more if you are in Manila or in a tourist spot area.

      Now, your savings will allow you to be more comfortable if you want to buy a house or buy a car or pay the installment plan. Oh, avoid buying houses from real state developer, they are just pain in the neck, I’m telling you. If you are thinking of buying a house, it’s always best to buy a house that is already built or previously owned, because there are many instances here that when you have cash on hand, you can get the price down to the amount that the house owner is willing to accept.

      Now, about transportation, your savings will also allow you to buy or pay for an installment car. That car can be a personal use and you can also use later for business, so I would say having a car is a good investment here.

      I have so much to tell you Rick, but I will get down to the basic. Your monthly income will allow you to live comfortably depends on where you choose to live and how simple you will live your life. For the two of you, that amount is a lot, but not much if you will include some of her family. Also consider if you’re planning to add child, children in the future, that will be another serious budget allotment.

      I’ve made you a simple list of the range of expenses if you choose to live in province
      apartment = 8,000
      electric 4,000 or more
      food 20,000 a month
      internet, water, 1,500
      parent’s allowance 3,000 -5,000
      nanny salary 3,000

      With this range of expenses you will get an idea, then it’s up to you if you are willing to live below or higher than that. If you live below that, then you will have more money save. I’ve just heard a nice phrase recently, “Rich people lives below their means.” so I think I will apply that phrase, I am not rich but I want to be rich.

      Feel free to drop me a message if you have more questions, Rick. Thank you for you dropping by.

      1. thank you so much for your elaborate reply! those are great guidelines to go by. i have few needs. i think i prefer renting. i don’t know what my future filipina needs will be though? but, i don’t need air conditioning because i like hot humid weather. public transportation is fine or scooters or electric bicycle. i don’t mind cleaning or cooking because i work fast and efficiently. my question is: can you recommend some names of provinces that would be okay to live in? Also, i was thinking that my savings could be used more for medical or dental or emergencies. again, thank you for your reply, you are most helpful!

        1. Hi Rick,
          I would recommend of course the province where I am, which is Lucena City. This is a nice progressing city, I call this a city in paradise, because I still feel so close to nature. There are all establishments like malls, restaurants, but there are resorts and beaches close by.

          I would also recommend provinces more south like in Bicol, although I’ve never been there, but some of my friends and co workers keep telling me it’s so cheap to live there. You can also live in Visayas or Mindanao provinces, only those areas that are not considered tourist spots. I’ve heard in provinces within Visayas and Mindanao that barter is still being practiced according to people that I’ve met who used to live there. They somehow still manage to go by if they don’t have money. I think that’s amazing experience to be able to go by without money even for a day.

          The best advice I can give you, try to research and if possible visit those towns, cities that are on the list of place that you possibly want to live in, it will give you a good learning experience which will be the most convenient place for you to live once you’re ready to move here for good. Feel free to contact me anytime if you need advice and suggestion. See you around.

  3. Hi there, I discovered your website by way of Google whilst looking for a related matter, your web site got here up, it appears great. I’ve bookmarked it in my google bookmarks.

  4. How easy is it to meet women in the country (not city) area.
    I will be in Kitcharao which is very rural, could I still find women easily?
    Will have I to travel to a nearby city to go to the mall?

    1. Hi Lee,
      First of all, I only Google Kitcharao, so I’ve figured out that it’s located in Mindanao. I advice you don’t go out by yourself especially at night, just for safety. It’s best for you have a local with you that you trust or somebody you know trust. Why in the world guys can take so much risk in search for love, that’s one thing I can’t comprehend. I mean to say, there are many women in the safe area of the Philippines, why not search there first. Anyway, I don’t mean to discourage you, what I mean to say is just coming here already takes lots of courage and risks then maybe take a calculated risk by going to the safe place of the Philippines in the first place.

      I can’t give unbiased advice, because honestly I don’t know the place where you’re planning to go, but if you are in a province like where I am, which is I call a paradise in the city, because I still feel so close to nature even though there are close by malls and restaurants, which makes everything within reach, so finding potential date is not difficult.

      Anyway, once you get familiar in the place, and you already have a local that you trust or if you are really a risk taker then go explore with much extra caution, I believe meeting women is not difficult. My tips are, keep a smile, I would say flirty smile, to make the process faster [lol] and don’t hesitate to say hi. Also, you might find women staring or smiling at you almost all the time. They might be hesitant to talk to you in English, so try to learn few basic Tagalog greetings like Kumusta, magandang araw, magandang umaga and many more. Keep me posted. Ingat ka sa iyong paglalakbay. [Be careful on your journey.]

      1. Roma, thanks for your reply. This place (Kitcharao) is located between Butuan (1 hr drive) and Surigao (40 min drive) Why such concern about safety there? I was there last year, all nice people and good experience just very rural. Why the concern about safety? So are you saying I should go to the cities (mall)? Any other resources/advise for meeting women in small towns? You reply seemed to be more concern for safety then about advise for meeting my love in a rural area.
        Hoping for better reply, thanks.

        1. Hi Lee,
          Like I told you, I only searched Kitcharao using Google that’s why I figure out that it’s in Mindanao and I based my advice from the information I’ve heard from news and other people experiences, also I was assuming that it’s your first time to come here, but since you’ve been there, you know better than I know. Anyway, I gave you a practical advice in the end of my reply to learn few basic Tagalog or whatever the dialect their are using in that region. That will help a lot. Then smile a lot or even show a flirty smile when appropriate.

          Yes, you can go to the mall and apply my tips, but you can apply those tips everywhere like in the park, like when you’re walking in the road, in the church. The possibility of bumping on your potential date 2 love is endless. You can also be vocal with the people or locals that you already knew by telling them if they can help you or if they can refer women that they knew that’s wanting to date a foreigner.

          The last advice I would give you is go to the dating sites and filter your search by areas and region then look for those women that are within or close to that area, study their profile and try to contact them and tell them you’re already in the Philippines and you want to meet her in the nearby mall. Get her local phone number, so you can start communicating by local cellphone. There’s a higher potential that they will show up in that meeting, if the woman you contacted that day didn’t show up, then there’s always a potential to meet somebody in the mall. If you didn’t meet anybody in the mall that day, then go back to the dating site and try contacting another women, just do the same process. I hope that helps.

  5. I do not think it proper to ask you for money, especially she is only an internet date, and you just know a pretty face!
    I truly believe it’s a scam, you are just wallet to her, nothing less, nothing more !
    Wake up man!!!
    If she cares 1% about you and she is genuine she will not ask. It is typical scam!!!
    I advise you to go to YOU TUBE and type LIFE BEYOND THE SEA and you will have all the Philippina scams given to you by someone who actually lives there.
    Don’t get suckered in!!!!

  6. yes nice lady can you help me find out something i met a nice girl on line their and she is very nice i have spoke to her on the phone and she did ask me for money one time to help her brother in the hospital one at $100.00 and i sent it that was way back in Dec 2013 and she is talking to me again now i have talk to her on the phone, and she is saving money there for a plane ticket and she wants me to pay half so she can come and be with me and work and help her family there i can give you her number and maybe you could give her a call and talked to her and help me out i just do not feel that she is a scam from there nice lady she really seems real honesty to me , and i do not want to lose her,

    1. @ John, BIG red alerts when asked for money. I have 1 golden rule. If a filipina asks me for money in the first few weeks of chatting….. I delete her. If it carries on and I think she is genuine then I may offer small amount for the internet cafe.

      Just be careful


      1. For me it didn’t take a few weeks before the Filipina asked me for money, she asked me on the 2nd e-mail. I said “Sorry” and deleted her.

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