StairsThere are three stages every person or every foreigner man has to go through in finding their love. The first stage is what we call searching, second stage is dating and the third is the relationship which can result in a short term or long term relationship. The long term relationship of course includes the wedding and marriage.

Are you aware that the first and second stage of your search have significant role in making your relationship long term, because all the events, challenges, stumbling blocks that a couple was able to face during those stages will lead them to a smooth, happy married life if they decided to go that path.

In terms of thinking to love and marry a Filipina, the first and second stage are way more challenging. There are a lot of research that a foreign man needs to do if you are really serious in thinking to love and marry one. The primary challenge of your search is  of course the demographics or geographical distance.


If you are an American, you are half world away from the Philippines geographically speaking, but thanks to the Internet being connected to the world is not a problem that’s why more and more people are able to find love using the technological advantage our Internet and world wide web offers. And the same goes for other foreigner men like Australian, Europeans and many more.

The second challenge a foreigner man has to face is the language barrier. Philippines language is Tagalog and English is widely use. I would say English is our second language that’s why an English speaking tourist will not have a problem communicating. Mostly Filipino can understand English or basic English.

confused lookFilipina women that are able to get a higher education have more skills using the English language because they are more exposed to use it, so the Filipina that has a higher education will tend to be a better choice for any English speaking foreigner man, because less to minor communication issues can be expected unless a foreign man is willing to learn the native language or dialect.

Speaking of dialect, there are a lot of dialects that are also use in other provinces. I can’t give so much details about other dialects because I am a pure Tagalog, meaning I cannot speak or understand other dialects. I can only speak Tagalog language and English. Filipina women that are from other provinces that speak other dialects, they can basically speak Tagalog, English and their dialect, so they can literally speak three languages.

The third challenge that a foreign man has to face is the culture and tradition. That’s where a thorough research is needed. Many far provinces practice culture or tradition that are different from other regions. For example, in some far provinces, I’ve heard that giving a dowry before marriage is still very common practice until now. I would say in my province or in Manila it’s not being practiced anymore.

That being said, some cultural practices or tradition like that should also be put on your list for verification, at least it will not be a shocking surprised if in any case you’ve come to the point of the marrying stage.

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2 thoughts on “Searching

    1. Hi Jon,
      How are you? Sorry for not able to reply soon. I would suggest to look for Filipina-dating sites that claims and verify that their Filipina members are Christian. Once you’ve joined those sites and meet some women that you want to be friends with and then potential for love, of course you have to do the verification yourself if they really practice their Christian or religious beliefs. Filipina women are known to be religious, so I believe it’s not going to be difficult for you to find one of few for selecting which is to love. The key to finding one is you have to be in the right dating place or dating sites and most of all patience. Thanks for dropping by.

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