Fairest Thou Body Concealer LotionFairest Thou Body Concealer Lotion

Fairest Though Body Concealer Lotion


Fairest Thou is a Body concealer, lotion, sunblock, moisturiser and skin treatment in one! It conceals skin imperfections while healing our skin from deep within and gradually making our skin radiant, glory, youthful and lightens the skin in a natural and organic way.

It is made of high quality essentials and ingredients from nature that treats the skin gently and effectively. It works best for all skin types and is very effective as treatment on damaged skin.



  • Hide Your Most Annoying Scars
  • Whiten and Lighten Scars
  • Heal Wounds and Moisturise Skin Deeply
  • Anti Aging
  • Support Skin Health and Cell Growth
  • Anti Bacterial and Germicidal
  • Treats Wrinkles
  • Treats Dry Skin and with SPF90


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