Welcome to my site. You probably get here because you are looking for information about Filipina women, everything related to her like culture, beliefs, religions, attitude, attributes, and a lot more information that will help you decide to proceed to your next step, whatever stage or state of search you are in now.

First of all I am a Filipina and that’s why I have the information that might help you along your search, whatever state or how far you’ve search already. If you are a man, especially a foreigner that is in a stage of just thinking to date a Filipina then I would say that I also have the information, because I’ve went through a lot of frustration and bad experiences before I’ve met my foreign love, my very dearly American love.

I went through different stages before I can say that I get to the stage that I’m pretty happy and pretty confident that this is the stage that I want to maintain, which is I’m in a relationship. A relationship between me and my foreign man. The first step is the searching, second is dating, third is the relationship.

If me and my foreign love went through a lot of frustration and challenges and we almost came to the point that we thought it’s impossible to find each each other or to find love, then most likely a lot of you guys are getting frustrated because you are also in that confusion state. You want to proceed, but you’re also scared. That’s what inspires me in creating and building this site.


Seeing that there are a lot of men, especially foreign guys who are genuinely looking for love, a Filipina to love inspires me so badly in building this site. I want to encourage them not to be discouraged if they can’t find their Filipina right away, because like me, it took me a while before I found my love. But the biggest reason why I am inspired in creating this site is because I know there are lots of Filipina women that are needing a genuine love and sad to say they can’t get it here for so many reasons, mostly cultural reasons and the rest are personal reasons.


I want to make a platform that will help both–the Filipina and Foreign Men to find the love that they are looking and longing for. I want to help foreign men–that there are yes a lot of things to learn and consider to find a very good, lovable Filipina women to love, but it’s worth the search, because finding the best Filipina for you is like finding a diamond in a haystack in the barn, a gold in the mud or a ruby in the dessert. Meaning once you find the Filipina that you love, all the effort and frustration will be gone because of the unfading value of the treasure you find.


I want to see more happy Filipina and Foreign Men couples with gray hair. I want to see them in their golden age still  happy and still very much in love with each other. I want to see them still hold hands in public showing to the world how successful and how their love endure the test of time.

I want me and my foreign love to be there and I want many of us to be there in that future. The more the merrier.

Date 2 Love a Filip;ina Vision

Life as a couple for Filipina and Foreign couples is a long and challenging journey and a marriage founded by love, commitment, trust, loyalty, patience will make that journey joyful and meaningful for both of you, for all of us.

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81 thoughts on “Mission, Vision and Inspiration
of Date 2 Love a Filipina

  1. Hi there, I think Filipinas are the most amazing women. I am really looking forward to start a relation with a nice Filipina and I hope to find a nice one soon and am serious about it.

  2. Hi Roma,

    I’m only 21 and i had 1 boyfriend only, after my breakup i thought finding a foreign man would give me an assurance of forever. So I’ve dated a foreign man but i found out he just need accompaniment and he already have a Filipina girlfriend and a son. It made me afraid to entertain or consider foreign man anymore. I hope to have an email conversation with you cause i have some details i cant mention.

    hope to hear from you

  3. Romalyn,TY for your help. My mahal an I just celebrate our 2nd monthsary. We are both so happy. We are anxiously planning to meet for the first time in March 2016, in the Philippines. Ty again Romalyn for your encouragement.

  4. Hello Roma you told me about the filipinas that just show intrest in someone because they are a new member and such. I received a friend request on facebook from a filipina about two and half hours ago we chatted for maybe 10 minutes before she had to go on her coffee break. However she sent me that friend request without even reading my profile

  5. Hey everyone. I just wanted to say if you are dating a Filipina and have any questions about her or your relationship I would highly recommend having a Skype session with Roma to discuss your issues. I recenly had some issues with the Filipina I am dating and Roma helped me put everything in perspective and relieved me of some of my worries.

  6. Hello Roma,

    I have been watching your videos for about 4 months now. You are very helpful for a lot of questions about the beautiful Filipino women. I need your help with a very difficult matter…. I am an American young man(24) and I am African-American. Do they have racial bias in the Philippines? Does that even matter to Filipino women, because a lot of beautiful Filipino women have a brown skin tone like mine? Does my age scare away filipino women, because I hear most women are looking for much older men? Also I would really like to know how do I go about meeting Filipino women in the first place, is online the best option for meeting women because I am someone looking to make a friendly relationship, that can build to us meeting each other and falling in love eventually.

    1. Most filipinas dont care about age my friend. But be careful because some filipinas in datingsites will show intrest in men that they have intrest in dating

  7. mahandang araw Roma, how are you doing? Recently i met nice Filipina on dating site, i find asian woman very attractive : ). Everything is fine, we chat everyday and spoke once via Line app…she is very good and dear lady but some things are troubling me, so i would like your proffesional opinion please …
    1. when we met she had a pic in which she was younger
    2. told me that she doesnt use facebook but i found 3 profiles
    3. she is married but separated, not divorced…and working abroad.
    4. she never asked me for a penny
    and another question please, i like your country very much what are the chance for me to live and work there?
    God bless you and best wishes from
    Nebojsa from Serbia

  8. Hello Roma,

    I have been watching your videos for about 4 months now. You are very helpful for a lot of questions about the beautiful Filipino women. I need your help with a very difficult matter…. I am an American young man(24) and I am African-American. Do they have racial bias in the Philippines? Does that even matter to Filipino women, because a lot of beautiful Filipino women have a brown skin tone like mine? Does my age scare away filipino women, because I hear most women are looking for much older men? Also I would really like to know how do I go about meeting Filipino women in the first place, is online the best option for meeting women because I am someone looking to make a friendly relationship, that can build to us meeting each other and falling in love eventually.

  9. Roma,

    Thank you, so much, for your vids and website. You are the epitome of why I am so attracted to Filipinas; highly intelligent, profound insight, burning passion … I could go on with this list for days.

    May I ask you … I am involved, only online, with a woman who lives very near to you, in metro Manila, Quezon City. We are ready for the next level, actually meeting and dating. During this process I have studied much about your culture, and find it very near to my own heart. My plan is to relocate to your country, date this very beautiful woman, and, immerse myself into your beautiful culture, ( not dependent upon the “relationship” working out). My question is this: What do you know about the visa requirements for Am’s? I would like to stay for as long as possible with as little trouble as possible.

    Thank you for your insight and generosity. I hope to reciprocate.


    1. Also, only if you will, please explain “Tampo” to me, and, how do I treat this in a way that she will understand?

      Thank you, so much.

      1. Hi Gary,
        Tampo is very complicated to explain. I would say it’s more of a norm or cultural practice that falls on the negative side. Tampo can’t be eliminated and can’t be treated easily unless you’re already that familiar in our culture. Sorry to say that but that’s the truth. Also, unless a Filipina is matured enough or liberated she will do this Tampo a lot which I know is frustrating to deal with. The only treat to that is open communication and always assure your woman that you love her so much, because I believe love conquers and deals about everything.

        1. Thank you Roma. Now I understand that if she is doing this that it is a sign of insecurity and I do want my woman to always feel loved and secure. You gave a very good answer.

    2. Hello Gary,
      First of all, I would like to apologize if I’m not able to reply right away. I was crazy busy these past few weeks and now only get the chance to update my website.

      Here’s what I know about the Basic visa requirement. You don’t really need to get a visa if you’re only planning to stay for 21 days. Also you can apply for your visa where you’re at or if you are already here. Let’s say you already here and you like to stay longer then you can apply for visa for 60 days, I just don’t know what it is called but yes you can stay for 60days including the days that you arrived.

      Let’s say you apply for your visa during your 15th day of stay here, so you’re only will have 45 more days to stay once that visa application is approved and don’t worry it always get processed within a day or two. That visa will only allow you to be here in our country for a total of 60 days since the day of your arrival.

      Now here are some visa’s that I know that will let you stay longer without getting married. You can apply for Student Visa to let you stay here for a while or until you finish your schooling. It will allow you to stay but you need to get enrolled and show proofs that you’re really a student.

      Another one which involves investment is you need to invest some sort of money in our government. You need to go to the PRA office, Philippine Retirement Office to apply. I’m not sure what this visa is called but it will give you lots of benefits. You can stay in our country as long as you want without getting married, and also your money invested will make some interest every quarter that you can withdraw, but the principal amount will stay as an investment.

      The second visa I also don’t know what it is called also involves investment. If you can prove our government that you’re hiring or providing jobs to more or less than 10 local people, then you also will be able to stay here. I just can’t say much details about it because this kind of visa is not very commonly availed by foreign guys.

      I hope that helps. Don’t hesitate to drop me messages. Also you can add me to Skype, I always online in Skype so I can response a lot quicker there. Also, if there are urgent or private issues that you need to be addressed, feel free to try my one-on-one Skype session. Thanks and I hope to hear from you.

      1. U can stay in philippines for 30 days without visa .the law was changed in 2012.u can apply for extended visa for up to 3 months cost like 60 us dollars. Very easy.i do it every year.please get your info correct. Your giving out wrong info young lady.thanks for your time and effort.

      2. hi roma.
        its sagar i have been in love with a filipina girl since from 9 yrs once she already left but last year she back to my life . i didnt go to any other girl just waited her. now my question is how i can start my business there in filipibes. you said u need not to get citizenship for business. you also said that small amount invested to government they allpe you to stay and do business. i wanna know that how much i have to pay to ur government for investment. or what type business should help me to stay there. please i really wanna do business there i m not too much rich but i can able to start small restaurant or farming business or computer net shop as well as repairing i am computer engineer. i m serious to setup myself in Philippines now can u please help me out . my email id is my facebook id also i m not using skype so if u can mail me the procedures to get business visa or staying there long which ever easy for me to start business. i trust you hope you ll answer me soon. i am from indian and may be i have to take visitor visa first its not free for indians so can you get information regarding staying and start business there please.

        hope you ll
        thanks to help peoples
        god bless you.
        sagar panchal.

  10. To anyone looking to meet beautiful nice women filipina women are by far the best choice.
    Beautiful caring faithful

    Been with my lady for six years no regrets

  11. Hi Roma
    hope everything is good with you. Quick question do filipina to girls know the difference between Canada and the USA, and if so do they have a preference? I know Canadians and Americans look the same but the way are countries work are very different. I’d just like your opinion thanks and have a great day.

    1. Hi Roma
      just looking for your opinion on something. Me and my filipina girl friend broke up just recently. We’ve stayed friends and still talk and text each other. She heard I made a big purchase and paid cash ( it was just over $3000). She made a joke saying if I ever wanted to lend her that kind of money I could lol. Her words. I knew she was helping to pay for her brother’s wedding back in the Philippines so I told her if she needs help to just ask. So we meet up and I loan her $2500. Just to let you know she broke up with me and said the reason was she needs to find herself. I still love her and hope to win her heart again. She knows how I feel, I’m just wondering what’s your opinion am I dumb for loaning the money or is it just a kind jester on my part? Fyi I had the money to loan, it’s not going to hurt me in the short term. I trust her I just don’t know if it’s my heart making the decision or my head. I really just like to hear your opinion thanks and have a great day 🙂

      1. Hello Ryan,

        If you loan her the money when you were still lovers, I would say you don’t have to feel dumb about it. But if you loan her the money after you broke up, then no offense, you get a little dumb about it.

        If you loan her the money after you broke up, why did you loan her the money in the first place? Is it because you know or you trust her that she will pay you back? Do you really want her to pay you back? Or, you think that loaning her the money will make her feel obligated to keep in touch with you and may win her heart back. That method might also work, she will probably reconcile with you because of you being so generous or in worst case scenario she will just keep asking from you. Don’t give her a hint that she can get money or loan money from you the second time until she pays you back her first loan.

        When we are still so attach and so in love with the person, we don’t realize how dumb we become most of the time, that’s why you need people that will help you realize when you are becoming too dumb in terms of the people that are taking advantage of you/us, or will take any chance they can get to take advantage of you/us.

        You know her better than I do, so you’re the only one who can tell if you’re being manipulated or taken advantage of. If I were her, I will have the decency and self-respect not to make you feel that you’re still obligated to give in to my request like loaning money, or there’s no reason for me to make such request at all.

        I hope you find this little advice helpful. Don’t hesitate to drop me a message if you need more advice. Also as a reference, I offer personal, one-on-one Skype session for issues that needs to be addressed privately and urgently. I hope you drop by often.

        1. Hi Roma
          thanks for your opinion. No need to worry I figured most would think I’m dumb for loaning money to an ex girlfriend. I do trust she’ll pay me back. I don’t have a Skype account but I don’t think it’ll be hard to get one, just wondering when a good time to do it is? Thanks for your honesty.

          1. Hello Ryan,
            Sorry again for not being able to reply soon. I was crazy busy after the typhoon, our town was badly affected. We didn’t have electricity for a week and until now my internet line is not fix. My Skype Id is roma_sscc. If you will add me to your Skype, I will be able to see the time difference between us and then you can message me anytime, I am mostly online in Skype. Don’t worry if you see me offline, I’ll get the message when I get online. Anyway, I am mostly available early morning my time around 6-9am and in the afternoon after lunch, 1-5 pm and in the evening around 9-11 pm. As of now, I can’t give you the equivalent hours to yours. Most of my Skype sessions are being done in the early morning though. Kindly add me to your Skype and send me an instant Skype message if you want to schedule a session. Looking forward to talking to you soon if you will.

        1. She not paying him back .they dont earn that kind of money there.she took the money and ran .dumb ass he is.i have been going to philippines for long time now.there great people there.but dont trust anyone .they want money to support there families. I dont blame them for wanting that.its human nature.but never loan money u will never see it again.

  12. Just watched your videos for the first time. They were really informative, I’m glad someone’s helping us guy’s out.

    1. Hi Ryan,
      I’m happy to help and I’m thankful you find my videos helpful. Thank you for dropping by and see you around.

      1. Just wanted to know what’s the best way to ask your advice on a situation I’m having with a philippine girl I’m seeing. It’s complicated and I’m really confused. Please let me know at your earliest convenience thanks.

        1. Hi Ryan,
          My Skype ID is roma_sscc, if you have rush issues that you want to be answered, send me an instant message. Also, if you think that my services I’m offering here will benefit you, feel free to try and avail my service. Hope to see you in Skype.

          1. Hi Roma
            just curious, I haven’t heard your thoughts on Canadians. I know some people think were part of the USA. I just am wondering how girls in the Philippines think of Canadians. Yes I live in Canada in Hamilton Ontario near Toronto. Hope your having a great day hope to hear from you soon.

          2. Hi Ryan,
            You’re right most of us Asians think that Canada is part of USA. We also always think that when a person has fair/white complexion, we always think that they are American, but I learned later on that Westerners doesn’t mean they are all from America. Honestly, because I have a hard time distinguishing Americans and Canadians physically, because there’s not much difference, I can’t say if I encounter Filipina-Canadian couples myself, but I know they’re out there. The point is we don’t see much of a difference between American and Canadian so we will find Canadian as attractive as Americans or Americans as attractive as Canadians or vice versa. Also, most Filipina loves Westerners fair/white complexion. I hope to see you around more often. Thanks for dropping by.

  13. Hello Roma,
    I’m getting confused I’m on the Cupid site that I got from your website, most of the girls want my email address right away is this normal, plus a few even have demanded a relationship even before talking as friends.
    And some of them seem real nice but I often worry if it’s a scam please don’t take this the wrong way but why are so many pretty lady’s in the Philippines having such a hard time finding someone,
    I’ve been on match,com for 6 months and not once got someone to send me a like or a message and I’ve only been here for a few days and I’m already talking to 4 difrent people thru the website.
    I just want to make sure I’m not getting scammed, so when you can please help shed some light on this for me thanks

  14. Dear Roma,
    Can i ask if your single?
    Can i ask where exactly do you live in Pilipinas?
    Salamat, Ingat
    Jim J

    1. Hi Jim,

      I live in Lucena City, Quezon Province. It’s four-hour drive away from Manila. It’s more south of Luzon. I’m currently in a relationship with an American. If you browse and find the about page of this website, I have our picture together. Thank you for asking and I hope to see you around.

  15. Hi Romalyn, I’m 19 years old with big dreams, I’m currently an art student in university and I’m a successful entrepreneur. I noticed how you always talk about American and Australian men but never about Africans, do Flilipino women think we are just hungry people with no success? And would not date us? I live in South Africa by the way, the greatest country in Africa. My main question is how can I meet a Flilipino lady around my age without using such crazy expensive sites and if I were to go to your country where would I look?

    1. Hi Siya,

      How are you? I apologize for not being able to reply soon, I was so occupied this fast few weeks, I’m not even able to update this website or even reply to the comments. I have no intention of excluding other race especially the Africans. No, we don’t think, I don’t think of Africans as hungry people with no success and you should not even say it about your race/yourself. I was mentioning Americans because it’s very common to see Caucasian-Filipina couples but it doesn’t mean that I don’t see African-Filipina couples around, so I was mentioning them more only to be more majority specific, but when I say specifically foreign men, it applies to every men that is foreigner to our country.

      There are dating sites that you don’t have to pay to join, but the features are limited. You can also use Facebook, Tagged website or other online where you can meet people. Believe me or not, there are some that meet their Filipina by joining those Farmville or online games. I can’t say much about that because I’m not an online gamer, lol.

      Well, if you will visit, then your chance of meeting Filipina to date and to love is greater, because there is nothing better than introducing yourself personally and show how gentleman and serious you are to win every woman’s heart. Thanks for dropping by.

  16. Hi Mae I hope your doing well, I hope it’s ok to ask this but what is or opioien on what’re girls from the Philippines look at what a man has to offer from his heart or are the more like American girls and prefer the looks over a kind heart?
    In America girls seem more intersted in looks or money and so they will be with a guy who treats them bad instead of one who will care for them I would love to hear your opioien on it 🙂 thanks Mae and have a great day 🙂
    And Roma I hope you don’t mind me asking Mae I would still like your side of it to I’m intersted in what both you have to say Take care Roma:)

    1. hi jhon,wow…i just online now,i dont expect i have message from you,i been busy for a bit bussiness and have a few activities.,by the way regarding to your question about my opion ..well,its difficult for me to say but as my observation in my travelling from provinces, cities and tourist places…the girls mostly, they deserve to have foriegn partner or husband that good hearted person,no matter if good looking and loving person as well and she return back to him her kindness and care and truthful to him mostly,and ofcourse she needs a little bit help or support, but some are just looking for fun and money,and good looking guy specially younger age they dont know yet what is really life going on in relationship,but not all, anyway i think im talking so long,….the reality is MOSTLY OF PILIPINA GIRLS LOOKING FOR A PERSON THAT REALLY TRUE LOVE,AND NO MATTER HOW HE LOOKS AND IF HE IS RICH THAT IS BUNOS!!! BUT I HOPE ROMA NOT DIS AGREE WITH ME….thank you jhon for writing but i’m really many things in my mind but too difficult to write it specially in english,im nose bleed!! hihihi thats only hint. but not all girls the same,each person are diffirent and depends how did you handle your relationship to eachother,the most important is love and respect everything will fallow!

      1. hi roma i hope you dont mind if i answer jhon,but as being friendly i can’t stop myself,but i dont have a gift to say things and opinion…not like you a very smart lady… youre the best!!! so please i want to learn more from you,coz in my age now at 41,i fell i just become teenager after all my failure marriage…although my kids are already adult now and two of them have already family…thank you so much roma!!! keep it up!…very respectfully yours…mae

    2. Hi Mae thank you for your answere I often wonder if I’m in a situation with no hope the one I care for is so sweet and kind she’s a wonderful person, I never thought I would meet somone like her and to find out she’s from the Philippines was a big surprise to me, I knew nothing about the Philippines so when I searched for help there seemed to be only guys who where using the Philippines as a fantasy island guys from my own country just wanted to show people how to take advantage of girls in the Philippines it’s sad, nobody wants love any more they just want fun, luckily I found Roma on you tube and then I found this website where so bless to have somone like her to help, but it’s still sad to find somone speacaile like I did and then to find out that you may never have a chance at being with her but still I’m taking my journey with her and maybe there’s hope for a happy fairy tell ending 🙂 but only time will tell untill then I will seek Roma’s help and hopefully maybe she can shed some light in a dark time but thank you Mae for answering I’m so happy to hear your answere and I wish you the best with finding love, you seem like one of the good lady’s that Roma say guys need to look for.
      And Roma I’m so glad your back 🙂 very glad:)

  17. Hey Roma could you do a you tube video talking about what’re Filipino and American women value looks differently.
    If they do I don’t really know and if you done this video already help me find it I’ve looked on your YouTube channel and couldn’t find it. Let me know do lady’s from the Philippians look at a mans heart or his looks?

    1. Hey Roma can you recommend a book about dating a woman from the Philippians?
      2. Have you ever thought of writing one I know I’d buy your book you have lots of good advice on this stuff you should think about writing a book 🙂 thanks for all you do

      1. hi roma,i agree what this guy jhon hamme suggested you to make a book like a romance between phils.and white raises…i’d love to buy one, i want base on true story….and also jhon is asking you about if the girls here in phils look at the white guys heart or looks,…i’d really wanted to answer that but i am interested in your opion or point of view….im sorry f0r interrupting jhon!!!…..and also roma,pls include the true story about how and why the relationship between white raises and phis ladies are broke? (separation and devorse??) i heared a lot of stories between my friends and ladies with fouriegn guy,not only phils.also i read one of magzine same problem in thai ladies and foriegn guy….WISH I HEAR FROM U SOON!!!

  18. hi roma,im glad to found your site..acctually i been twice have a relationship,first last 3 yrs but long distance we meet once a year but i felt no love at all,so i quit,2nd time last 3months only coz he is an obsess,he almost chook me,always jealousy and fighting and argue all things non sense,so i quit again…now roma im scared already,i think im not lucky at all…anyway im not really good in english but wish i heard from u soon.i need your friendly advice.take care

    1. Hi Mae,
      Don’t give up, don’t be scared, you will also find the right lovable-foreign man for you. If finding love is easy, I think our world will be so boring, no exciting story, plain boring, but that’s what makes the world go round and exciting, the universe makes you work hard to find love for you to put more value and take good care of it once you find that love. Who knows maybe one of my visitor will be a potential date to love for you. I know all guys that are coming here in my site are all looking for Filipina to date and to love. There’s a saying, “When a door closes, there’s more than two windows open.” Thanks for dropping by.

  19. Amaze, splendid site format! The time have you ever been blog regarding? you have made running a blog look straightforward. The complete glimpse of one’s web site is great, when efficiently since the material!

  20. I have a question about something I don’t want to post it where everybody can see it but it’s a question I would hope you could answere how could I do that?

  21. Hi Roma, I have been searching on Cherry Blossoms for a Pinay to marry. In 2 years I found 4 serious woman that I had feelings for. After a few months of writing, chatting and Skype each one decided to ask me for money. Once they asked me for money, I ended the relationship. American Girl Friends never ask the Boy Friend for money, never. This is considerd Bad Manners, Bad taste. So why do Pinays ask for money? Is it part of the culture? Are they aware that the American thinks they are scammers. Are they scammers? They tell me me they love me, then ask me to Xoom $50.00 to them? I have seen all your videos so how does an American know what Pinay is a serious Lover and what Pinay is a Scammer? What are the warning signs for a Pinay Scammer ? Do all Pinays beg for money? I just dont know what to do any more and what Pinays to trust? Paul

    1. Hi Paul,
      Asking money is never right, but I don’t think that those Filipinas who ask money are all scammers especially if they are already convinced that you two already have a relationship or you already establish a connection with. Also, if the Filipina that you are chatting with and you are aware that she is not working and she’s chatting with you all day or few hours a day, I think she deserves a good treat like in a real date. Wouldn’t you feed a visitor, a friend, or a date who comes to visit you and are spending hours talking/dating you? A gentleman wouldn’t mind buying a treat and you can do the same in online dating, it just depends on how good or bad your point of view treating a date online.

      Why a Filipina ask money after a few months of chatting? There are many reasons, maybe it’s a way of testing how giving you are– to know in the first place if the man she’s planning to date with doesn’t mind giving. Remember, although it’s only a virtual dating, but you have to understand that there are still some expenses for both of you and if she has no way of earning money, then maybe she’s hoping that you can be so understanding to help a little bit if you’re not offering any help yet. I know it’s not your obligation to help her/them, but if you said you have feelings for them, a $50 I would say is not much to give for someone who you have feelings with and who is spending long hours with you knowing that she’s not making money for herself, but if she’s earning money then that’s a different story.

      In my experience, honestly I never ask my foreign love for money, but I honestly was happy that he offered sending me money. I refuse to accept the money, but I’m so happy knowing that he really cares for me and wanting to help me even though I never hint that I need money. If my foreign love didn’t offer to send me, I probably might hint that I need money, just to test him if he’s a man that are willing to provide and doesn’t mind giving and I’m very thankful that I don’t have to do the testing or asking, because he’s the one who offered. Every situation is different, but I would say every woman no matter what the race is will look for a man who is lovable, responsible and willing to provide or to give.

      This is my honest point of view, coming from a woman, a Filipina and I hope you find this useful. Don’t hesitate to drop me a message if you have more question.

      1. Roma, thank you for your advice. If my next Filipina Girl Friend asks me for some money that I can afford to send, I will. You could be right and it can be a test as to how generous I am. I will wait until she asks, if she asks. Even the dating sites warn of scams and also warn not to send money. But you are also right that some women dont have computers at home and go to Internet Cafes and pay by the hour, to talk with me. Each using their own money. Each circumstance is different. I thank you for your advice again. Paul

    2. I wanted to say that your wrong Paul women in America always ask for money it’s been going on for years
      The situation between America and the Philippines may be different but to say American woman never ask for money isn’t right.
      I don’t want to cause problems but please we as Americans know how expensive it is to have a American girlfriend.
      And Roma I loved your answer it was spot on 🙂

  22. I had my relation before he is a canadian,he is devorce for 2 times.and i felt doubt to him.and he want me to come to canada as a tourist by lying to the embassy that we dont have a relation with each other.is it right.?pls.response

    1. Hi Angily,
      I want to give you my opinion about your situation and I give my advice based only on the information that you presented. First and foremost lying in the embassy don’t normally works. They already figured it out and if you cannot present them enough facts that you are a tourist, that you can afford to stay there then most likely you will be denied, so applying as a tourist in Canada is more complicated than what he thinks. You or him can research about it and even ask other and you or him will figure out that it’s not easy to get approved your visa as a tourist.

      Second, if you have the doubt about him then give yourself more time to think, meditate more or imagine your future with him. By imagining or envisioning your future with him, and you’re seeing that you are not enjoying it in your imagination, then your life will be more likely not enjoyable in reality with him. The best advice I would give, go with the man that you sure you love, because you can endure everything, even the test of time. Thanks for dropping by.

  23. Hello, I’m looking for a Pinay that is a morena, 5’4″ or taller, and speaks Chavacano. I would love to visit Zamboanga City and find that tall Chavacano speaking morena. But Zambo City is too dangerous for foreigners because of the radicals and terrorists. I would like to hear from what u think about my request for that certain kind of Pinay. Hear from u soon.

    1. Hi Oscar,

      Honestly, I’ve heard that Zamboanga is a not an advisable place for foreigners like you, so I would not advice you to go there to look for Filipina to love. Hey, there are a lot of morena Filipina in Luzon or Visayas, so you can start where it’s safe. But after exploring the safe places and still your heart desires to find that Filipina from Zamboanga then go ahead, but try to learn and familiarize yourself first with the area, background and history or you can even have someone with you that you trust that knows the area or a local that’s being introduced by someone you trust, but be very careful to go there by yourself, okay. I’m from Luzon, only few hours away from Manila and I don’t have enough background about Zamboanga, but I would say you can find your 5’4″ morena Filipina in the safe place first, there’s a bunch of them. Also, I would say the average height of a Filipina is 5 feet, but it’s not impossible to find that height. Thanks for dropping by.

  24. Kumusta ka Roma,

    I came to your site via your youtube videos and greatly admire the integrity you display.

    It is wonderful how you encourage others to continue to reach for real trust and a loving relationship. It can be difficult and fraught with pitfalls, scammers and legal hurdles. I highly recommend any who have not watched your videos to do so.
    I am part way into my search for a Filipina spouse and realize I could use some assistance. Your videos and posts here have been so far helpful. I have been burned but I will not give up. I will be watching here diligently for understandings as Filipina women are truly remarkable.
    Thank you Roma for your frankness and all the best with your endeavour.
    Bravo !

    I welcome any reply from you.

    1. Hello Ken,

      I apologize for not being able to reply soon. Honestly your message didn’t show up in notifications, so I didn’t see it right away. Thank you so much for appreciating my tips, advice and my effort. Just seeing guys like you that are genuinely looking for Filipina to love keeps me inspired and keeps reminding me that I have all the reason to keep doing this and to keep giving inspiration for guys like you. Yes, don’t give up on looking for that Filipina that will love you wholeheartedly, all the effort and frustration are worth it or you won’t even remember them when you find that unfading treasure somewhere, soonday. Don’t hesitate to message me in any aspect of your journey if you feel I could be of assistance.

  25. Hi Romalyn
    I am a 47 year old man who is considering the on-line dating sites to find a Filipina wife. Are there any sites that you recommend above others? And also I am an ex Catholic atheist and wonder if that would be a deal breaker for Filipina women?
    Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Kevin,
      I only recommend Filipina heart or Filipino cupid because that’s where I found my foreign love, but it’s still best to join few site that you think you can manage only if you can join them for free. In regards to your question about being an ex Catholic atheist, I don’t think it will be a problem as long as you tell the women about what your spiritual beliefs are in the very early stage of dating. Also, be aware that most Filipinas are religious, so you also have to ask yourselves if it’s a deal breaker for you if the women you will meet will always implement how religions they are. Most likely, a women you decide to get serious with will more likely encourage you to her faith, so be ready. Thanks for dropping by.

  26. Hello Roma,
    I would like to know what website you found your husband on and how much did it cost for a subscription? Also, should I am on a tight budget and the amount of money it would take me to go to the Philippines would take me about 1 year and 6 months to save up. My question to you is if I love a Filipina woman and I don’t have that money saved up to see her yet should I wait to have her as my girlfriend or should I not be looking for love at all on the Filipina dating sites if I don’t have the money to travel to the Philippines at the current time?

    Yours Truly,


    1. Hi John,
      I’ve met my foreign love in Filipino Cupid, but that dating site was called Filipina Heart before. I don’t know they just change it recently, I am not an affiliate, it’s the dating site where we found each other. Also there are other dating sites that you don’t have to pay to join, but I believe you will be limited with some features like sharing information or reading the women’s emails until you upgrade your membership.

      Also, you can also meet Filipina in FB not only in dating sites, you can also meet them through referral like me. I mean, I have some friends that I can recommend although they are very few but who knows maybe one of them will be meant for you. What is your preference, you can let me know so at least you don’t have to pay for any membership if you meet her through referral, but like I said I only have very few that I know.

      The good thing about dating sites you will have plenty of selection and you can really meet and get to know a lot of women then pick the one that really capture your heart and within your preference.

      In regards to your question if you should not be looking for love until you can afford to come here, I would say nope. You can start looking for love, besides it’s not going to be that soon before you can find the one that will capture your heart.

      Also, even if you find one now or in the future, it’s still best for you to try to set money aside so at least when that woman came as you’re not expecting her, then you only need to save a little more. If you find her soon enough, tell her that you can’t come home soon until you save money for ticket and for expenses, that will also a good test for all Filipina if they are patient enough to wait for you.

      If she really loves you, she will be willing to wait, but I would say make sure that you’re coming because it would be unfair for her to wait that long if you in yourself are not certain of coming here.

      I hope I answer your question and let me know what type of Filipina that you are looking for, maybe one of my friends will be a good prospect for you.

      Have a pleasant day,

  27. I recently just dated a Filipina woman, however it didn’t go very well. I fell in love with her in just 18 days, I thought she loved me then she asked me money to fix her laptop. Then two weeks later she broke up with me. Obviously she wasn’t the right woman. How long should I befriend a Filipina woman and talk with her before getting into a serious relationship. Also, I know that many Filipinas are Catholic, is it a problem to most Filipinas if you marry them and are not Catholic. I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

    1. Hi John,
      I included here the links of my You Tube videos where I mostly answer your questions. Here are the links of the two videos, http://youtu.be/8ohdq7HEj8Y and here’s the other one http://youtu.be/T2U7QMkKDvA. Also, don’t be discouraged, believe me there are lots of Filipinas that are genuinely looking for love, you just have to patiently find them, because they are normally not seen or you can’t almost notice them because of the con artists that are pretending love seekers are overshadowing them, so patience and skills how to weed out those con artist first will lead you to your Filipina that will love you as you. I have no doubt that you will find the one for you in the future. Also, don’t hesitate to message me, I’m always happy to help foreigner guys that are genuinely looking for Filipina to love.

  28. Hello Roma..Thank you for creating this site. I look at many expat forums and plan on retireing to PI next year. I have been talking with several woman there and have actually fallen into the “shop until you drop” thing much as you described it. lol
    Your view is certainly welcome and I think very much needed.
    It is great to have a view that is from your point of view as many of the views I have been reading eslewhere are purely from the expat side of things.
    I look forward to reading more and also to moving to your beautiful country.
    At some point I may have specific questions to ask you.
    In the mean time be well and salamat.

    1. Hi Richard,
      Thank you Richard for kind words. Your simple thank you means a lot. My site is very new and my goal is to keep adding content to this and put a special page where guys like you can personally seek for love advice or dating advice and I will answer your question personally if you choose the option that you don’t want your questions and the answers to your question to be published like this, or by simply replying to your queries with an option to be published like now.

      I welcome you in advance to our country and I believe you are in the state now that you are really wanting to know more or gathering information as much as you could, right? Don’t hesitate to ask me anything that you feel you need to know. I will give you my honest and unbiased view about anything that comes to mind. Feel free to message anytime.

      Maraming Salamat and Ingat ka.

  29. thank you miss. i understand what your saying. for me, i think she is a strong woman . she has 1 child and has never asked for anything from but to love her. i care for her and love her very much. thank u for being helpful. may i ask you a question? may i ask your age? take care.

  30. hi miss. very nice web site you have. like watching your video to, very good information in them. would like to ask u a question. do you think a woman in her 20s can be in love with a man in his 60s? would like your opinion on this. thank u very much. have a nice day.

    1. Hi Jim,
      Thank you for visiting and I hope you drop by often. If you visit my You Tube channel I have videos there that you might also find helpful. In regards to your question, I believe that’s possible that a woman in her 20s can be in love with a man in his 60s and actually I’ve seen couples like that here. But the question is are you ready to face the consequences of having a young woman with you? Is she going to handle the look of people that will judge her all the time even if she really loves you, and a look from stranger is enough to know what they’re thinking. Yes, you might be able to handle that no doubt but it’s getting frustrating and unbearable sometimes. Why did I say that? Me and my foreign love, he’s only 9 years older than me and it’s not the age that is making me frustrated, it’s the people judgmental thought. They always think I am very poor that’s why I am with him. I can handle the pressure because of the strong love I feel for my foreign love, but I have to admit it is getting old, tiring for me. What I am saying is I have to live and deal with the people’s judgmental thought all the time, but do you think a young woman in her 20s can? If you are confident enough that she can handle all the society’s pressure, then I would say go for it everyone deserves to be loved and to love.

  31. Hello, it’s nice to hear the views from an actual Filipina. I plan on moving to the Cebu area in a few months. For the last four years or so, I’ve been search for a nice girl, but it seem the ones I like don’t like me and the ones I don’t like like me. So, I will just wait until I move there to find someone. Do you have advice on finding nice girls to marry while in the Philippines.

    Thanks, Ron

    1. Hi Ron,
      How are you, Ron? I welcome you to my country in advance. Sorry to hear that within four years of your search and you’re not able to find a Filipina to love yet. Worry no more, when you get here, you will have more selection. The best advice I would give you is when you get here stick to your initial goal of finding the Filipina to love. I’ve seen very often that a foreigner will get overwhelmed by a lot of pretty ladies here and then they forget what they came here for. There are many Filipinas here that are looking for love genuinely, you just have to find her patiently.

    1. Hi Dwight,
      Thanks for dropping by and I hope you drop by often. As of now I’m still in the process of building my site, this is just newly launched so it’s still fairly empty, but I have few good advice and tips that I have in my You Tube channel, you can check more tips and advice there. Here’s the link of my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYjs5-7GgJZ1rFMaOjRWQ3w. I hope to hear from you again.

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