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“Feelings can be like wild animals, we underrate how fierce they are until we’ve opened their cage”

I totally agree with this quote. When we’re in the state of being in love, we’re capable of being wild, irrational and no sense of wisdom. How ironic it is that when we are so in love we can be the opposite person of what we used to be. How can we make sure that love will not turn us into someone that is opposite of what we want to be?

It’s by being smart, observant and being patient in knowing what kind of person that you are going to love. I believe it will take time before you fall in love and by being patient and observant you will know if the person that you adore will bring the best in you. It’s good to see early before you let yourself fall in love with that person if that person has a good influence with you that way you can avoid more heartaches and regrets. Does that mean we can’t love freely?

Of course not. We can love freely, but we have to be careful in the process and in letting ourselves fall. At the beginning of attraction we’re so blind or we only intend to show the best in us. It’s human nature to be nice and pleasing if we’re tying to win the heart of someone we are attracted to. Give yourself enough time to see the sincerity and consistency of the attraction that you feel for each other.

By doing that and by giving more time, you will know if you’re in the right direction of loving the right person, instead of falling for the wrong person because you rush yourself in falling without knowing the possible negative character that the person you adore have because you didn’t give yourself enough time to see them.

How can we avoid ourselves in becoming a wild animal at the end? By having control and by not letting ourselves fall in love early. Give enough time to observe and know if the person that you’re going to love will turn you into a wild animal or not.

I think love is the most complex emotional experience and state that everyone can be in. It sometimes brings the best in us and it also sometimes brings the worst in us.  How we turn in the end is by not being careful on who we give our heart into. Remember when you already fall for this wrong person, you will be blind to see how worst you become so it’s best to see the good and bad early while you’re not in love yet to be able to enjoy love freely and be still the best person that you can be for someone you love and most of all for yourself.

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