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Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up.”

Do you wonder why there’s a lot of movies, books, series, tele-novelas that had been created? It’s because we are all capable of loving or falling in love! The love by definition itself makes our own experience of it unique and we all are unique and so does how we experience, define and share love – our stories.

Love has so many ways of forming, starting, developing – so many ways to explore it, and you will all agree that there’s no easy way to unravel the mystery of love. The point that you know you are in love and being loved. If we all can write a book or tell a story, none of our love story will be exactly the same. Maybe a little similarities but still the process and the journey of being in loved are all unique – that makes all of us appreciate that we’re capable of experiencing this greatest gift of existence.

Whether you agree or not, we are (I am grateful that God given us the capability to love) because His the one who started loving us, and so we’re able to experience one of the capabilities that our creator still feels for us ever since He created the universe. And with His power everything was created and from his image we were created and so most of His capabilities were included on our beings except being powerful.

Love is a great gift that we have to be grateful about. It is a battle in a sense that you know when to fight for someone you love. Battle for me is more of an appropriate word, because battle doesn’t always mean misunderstanding. It’s more of being patience and enduring almost everything for the sake of the person you love, and because of that love we feel – we can be patient and endure more than we could imagine.

Love when described as a war applies in a very non-desirable vision or events. Yes, love is also blamed to be the caused of wars and fights, revenge and a lot of conflicts. Was it because of love that caused all those negative outcomes or was it because of impulsive, selfish desire of us humans that we want to fulfill when we are madly in-love with  someone.

I believe it’s not love to be blamed that caused those wars centuries ago. It’s the wanting to fulfill our strong feelings we have for someone although the we’re aware that our feelings are not being returned, feelings that we feel for the wrong person, or feelings that we feel for the right person but not proper time and not proper situation. There are many reasons why the love that we thought we feel was not really love, but wrong reaction and improper control of our emotions.

Love is really growing up, that’s the best description in this quote that I will definitely agree. Love will make us experience all of the humans emotions that we thought we’re not capable of experiencing but love can bring all of these out from us, so then we grow and continually grow. Love triggers those emotions and helps us grow.

If I were to sequence this quote or rephrase this, I would definitely say, “Wars begin if we end up battling without love, as a thought that love will not grow up.”

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