How to date a Filipina?

This question seems so simple but there’s more into it. How will you date a Filipina woman? There are self evaluation questions that you need to answer first before you concentrate or even thinking of dating a Filipina. I recommend you read my post “Pre-Screening Questions Before You Date and Love a Filipina“.

Now, after reading my post and you’re positive about your answer now and only then I can help you evaluate or dig deeper on how to date a Filipina. There are now factors you need to consider when you are finally decided to date a Filipina. You need to consider this following factors:

1) Your Mind Perception or Expectation

Why did I consider this the number one? For me this is the most important. This is how your mind interprets or visualize the dating concept especially when dating a Filipina. What is your motive? Are you really looking for someone to love or are you looking for a lot of friends thinking you can start from there? Don’t get me wrong, I refuse to help guys if their only motive is to look for friends and start from there? Why? If you’re looking for love, or date that should be the goal. It’s not attractive even in woman’s part if you will tell them you want to be friends first and then see if there’s a spark. That’s a waste of time!

Why I think it’s a waste of time? When you want something, your mind will focus to do it if you convinced yourself that your goal is to achieve it no matter how hard it gets. Because if you’re not focus, this battlefield is different, then you will not be determined enough to keep going if the challenges become harder than what you willingly set yourself to tackle. I’m not saying that dating a Filipina will be hard, but it’s going to be different than what you’re used to. It will be a different culture, location, and most of all currency.

Are you willing to waste your resources, your energy, your effort because you’re not that focused because you don’t push your mind that your goal is get what you want to achieve. You will convince yourself that yes you didn’t get to meet your date yet, but you gain a lot of friends. Sorry but I’m not buying that.

Now, if you want to date a Filipina you should be emotionally, mentally and financially ready. I’m not saying that you need to have the money, but you should at least be aware that you should have a sustainable source of income to be able to do it successfully. The financial I mentioned first because it will be pointless to be emotionally and mentally ready to even entertain the thought of dating a Filipina if you cannot make it to reality by being able to spend money to meet your Filipina woman.

2) Are you realistic enough?

Can you differentiate the mind expectation and the reality? Why this is important? Are you thinking that dating a Filipina will all be red and blue or all green and beautiful. Nope! Far from it. That’s why you need to be more realistic or balance in seeing the reality versus fantasy. Meeting women here will require you time, effort, energy and finances. Also, don’t assume that you have the money, as most foreign guys believe that women will pluck on you. It is still very true! The sad reality is, they don’t stay longer.

Are you realistic about the type of women that you want to meet? Do you want to meet educated, middle class Filipina, younger or closer to your age? Yes you can but don’t assume that they will all get interested at you. Most Filipina are nice and they don’t want to reject any man directly. You have to be realistic that even if they are nice at you doesn’t mean that they are interested at dating you.

Some Filipina who are really educated and in middle class will not even think of dating you. That’s the harsh reality! But most foreign guys were set to believe that all women will be interested with them because they have dollars. Maybe that’s true, but some women here will have more money than you do. It’s not smart to think that most if not all Filipina that you meet will be interested at you because you have dollars. My point is – if the internet or guys who have little to no actual experience claim that women here will pluck on you – it’s a BS (bullshit). Only those who are desperate and crazy and have hidden agenda will be willing to do that and they will not stick around longer.

Now, what’s my real answer on “How to Date a Filipina?” My direct to the point answer is, it depends on how mature or realistic you are in differentiating reality to fantasy. Are you thinking to date a Filipina because of the shallow peak or assumption about how nice, pretty they are and then you concluded they are good potential date? Or are you realistic enough to do your own research and prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and financially before you start your journey?

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