Hello guys, I’m back. It’s so good to be back. I’m not able to create videos for two months because I was so busy working online and starting a small business offline. I really hope I have 30 hours a day, really. Anyway, there’s one comment or I would say question from one my videos that inspired me to create this video today, so I know his question applies with a high percentage of foreign man who are in the stage of chatting or dating online with a Filipina. He asked if it’s common for the family of the Filipina to push her to ask money from you—who is the foreigner of course?

Here is my honest and unbiased answer, its common no offense with the parents or relatives of some Filipinas to push their daughter, niece—if she’s living with aunt to ask money from you. Then the question is why do they do that? Here are the reasons why some parents and relatives do that. I said some because not all parents have the guts to do that.

First, probably the Filipina—the daughter or niece that you are chatting with is probably not working. If she is still financially dependent with her parents or aunt, so those parents or relatives are assuming that they can get some financial assistance or they can get their money back through you. Why would they expect that? If she’s not working and all she does is chat with you instead of looking for a job, then it would be normal from whom she’s financially dependent to expect some financial assistance or return from whom she’s spending most of her time with and they think that it was you, so they will even hinted it or really push her to do it.

Second, the family class that she belongs with probably belongs to the category of “common class family” which means they have no financial stability. One or two members of the family are probably working but still not enough for them to pay the bills, so they’re looking at you as someone that can really provide financial assistance through their daughter or niece. 

I would like to clarify that not all parents and relatives do that, but this is more expected to happen especially if you’re aware that the Filipina you’re chatting with is jobless, not earning money for herself. Most of those Filipinas that are not earning money yet for themselves are under the influence of their parents. If she is living with auntie, her situation is even worst. The possibility maybe is that she’s working for her auntie, or she’s paying a debt, there are a lot of different possible reasons why the parents or relatives are pushing her to do the asking.

So if you are aware that the Filipina that you are chatting with is not working, then expect them to push her any moment. She can be pushed by her parents even while you and her are chatting online or maybe offline after you are done chatting. Don’t be surprised if your Filipina ask you in email. She will be very hesitant to tell you in person, because believe me she doesn’t want to do it. She was left with no choice but to do it. Also if she’s not asking you in email or not asking you in person while you and her are video calling, expect her parents talking loudly in the background what they need, because if they see that she’s not going to ask you, they better do the asking themselves. That’s the reality in that situation.

So my advice for guys who are wanting to date and to love a Filipina, take the time to read the Filipina’s profile and know early if she’s already working, so her parents, relatives have no power over her, then you are less likely to experience those pushing events or drama while you and her are in the dating or getting to know each other stage.  

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Okay guys, bye for now. Watch out for my next video. You can find all my videos in my You Tube channel, click here or watch the video here.

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One thought on “How Common Parents or Relatives Push Filipina to Ask Money from Foreigner?

  1. Hey Roma,

    Very good video. I believe this video was very informative. Unfortunately, this situation happened to me. She did ask me for money on the Facebook chat and she was also not working. You’re doing such a great service keep up the good work and God bless.
    P.S. Salamat 🙂



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