If you’re here in this page, you are probably ready to date a Filipina or you are probably dating or talking to a few already, whatever reason why you happened to reach this page, one thing is for sure you are searching for more information about dating a Filipina or anything about the process of dating.

Of course, you want to fill yourself more information—you don’t want to go to a battlefield without proper armor and shield, which in your case is knowledge, enough knowledge about her or about Filipina women in general. You for sure have all these questions in your mind or if not, some of the questions you are thinking or looking for answer.

You Acknowledge You're Dating

  • How to date a Filipina?
  • Can I be successful in dating a Filipina?
  • How long before I find a serious Filipina date?
  • Is she really interested in dating me?
  • Why she is still being friendly but not hinting that she likes me?
  • What is the perspective of Filipina about dating?
  • How real is online dating?
  • Can I find nice Filipina to date and to love in dating sites?
  • What are the signs that a Filipina is interested in dating me?
  • Which is the best way of meeting/dating a Filipina, in person or online?
  • How soon can I ask her to be my girl/woman?
  • Why she wants me to fly to her country soon?
  • Do I have to commit to her before I come and meet her in person?
  • Can I expect intimacy between us when I meet her in person?
  • Will she require me to meet her family when I meet her in person?
  • Why she wants me to meet her family online, in cam, we’re only dating?
  • I thought we’re already dating online but why she’s ignoring me?
  • How can I tell that a Filipina is just simply rejecting me?
  • How Filipina differentiate dating and relationship?
  • Why she’s thinking about getting married right away, although we’re only dating?
  • Can she really love me although I’m a lot older than her?
  • How can I tell if a Filipina has hidden motives why she’s interested in dating me?
  • How poor is being poor in the Philippines?
  • Why she wants money instead of gifts?
  • Am I dealing with scammers or con artists?
  • Which part of the Philippines is the best to look or search for a date?

armor and shieldNow, that’s all of the questions I can come up for the meantime but there are a lot more. I am not going to give the answer here in this post, but I will try to make a post about each question as much as I could in the future. You can also add your own questions that you want to be answered. Feel free to leave your questions through comment section and I will do my best to answer them by post, by audio or by creating a You Tube video.

In conclusion, if you are into dating Filipina or you already are, you need to invest some time in making yourself fully equipped with the armor and shield you need for you to be able to achieve triumph in this journey. You need to because dating a Filipina is for sure a different battlefield than what or where you have been before, so more wisdom and preparation are needed to achieve victory.

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  1. Helo,

    I met my girl in Wechat may 2014 and been in Philippines for 5Months in Total But that in 3 times coming to that girl.
    At first the parents Liked me and kinda accept me as well.
    But after the first come they not really into me because i’m only 23 and need to do 1 year of school.
    But I never Give up on that special girl of course even the parents expect I was a rich Foreigner or something like this at least i’m real with that Girl. So i cam back End November Because i Plan to be there For her Bday start December, Xmas, New Year and Valentines day.. So we had great times Together but those 3 months long there the Mother and family Don’t like me because they thought i will come with money or something like this yes indeed i did what i can of course, Weekly going to palengke buying Kilo’s Of meat, fish and chicken.
    Give also Gifts an toys for the little Brother of my girl.. So all those Little things was all okey to me Of course.
    But those are the little issue’s
    The Mother and Dad telling the daughter so many Bad things and using lot of Blackmail (know that for A filipino in general there parents are everything).
    My girl and me have 1 year of school to do for now than we finished and she want after that going to Abudhabi work 3 years full salary for them To give respect and the Pay back for what they did for her. I’m okey with this but We have out side of this Arguments over what after that? Because i wanna build something with her as wel so I told her I wanna Buil somthing with her and that cost also money. She said 3 years working in abudhabi is not enough for her so she also wanna Give a House and Car. Her dad works in abudhabi already 13 years andd her Kuya’s also working there and they have kinda good life. They are not rich but outside there House they have also 2 Lot’s more, they can buy there Luxury example Iphones and go on, so they are okey,, But I’m scared because she Go on on the thing she Wanna go on to support that High value of Money, 5k piso is not enough it need to be 80% of her money. When i bring her here Inmy country what than?…
    Do I need to trust this?
    She can all do it after my back?
    I need to please the parents what means money is that right?
    Can i have a normal life with my filipina Girl?
    If it come to Money is there always a Argument even i try to avoid this…
    She wanna Setlle down with me when i have House, car and enough On the back. ( We go finish school on same time).

    So can i ask your Opinion on this Please?

    Sorry for my bad English but i try my best 🙂 … I will be happy to having a answer on this because i dot know anymore…

  2. Hello Roma I have 2 questions about things that you might encounter while chatting with filipinas how common is it that every day filipinas will mention sensitive things while chatting I ask because of a dim witted scammer that I chatted with about two months ago. Sheila was quite sweet but not over the top sweet she and I chatted for about one hour and she asked about my email adress before she left. About five minutes later I received an email covering an entire A-4 page where Sheila stated that she had grown at a big farm her fathers business partner had stolen all of their money and sold the farm without their know-how and then taken off with the money and he had not been caught and now they lived in a small house in town and was barely getting by the letter than continued with Sheila saying that she would do anything to fit into my world and it was okey if I did not want any children she was adaptable. How will a filipina that have any form of tragedy in her past behave like ? will she just spill the beans about by a the drop of a hatch. The second scammer I met called herself Isa and claimed to live in Japan she was sweet and open like most scammers are and as soon as she found out that I had a trouble some past with my father she started to behave like she had known me for weeks and was showing concern like it was her job to take me apart and put me back together again a better and improved version. I took a liking to her and the next day I decided to chatt with her again but II could not find her profile it was then that realised that she was fake. I have encountred alot of scammers in the past most of them have been total idiots that have asked for money in either 5 minutes or the next day but none of them has behaved like these two and I know how real philippine women behave because I have a female friend on facebook named Grace how have a trouble some past with her dad as well but she did not cry any rivers about it when we started chatting no the only reason she told me was becasu I asked why her dad was not in any of the family photos on her facebook profile. Do I have a reason to assume that a filipina is a scammer if she decide to mention that her family’s home was destroyed in Yolanda and everything is pure hell because her family have to live with a relative that six children or that they are so poor because her dad is wheelchair bound after a work related injury and that she have ten siblings and only two of those have jobs

  3. Hello Romalyn why do so many Philippine women choose foreign men. I mean are there really that many playboys among filipino men or are the chance for a better life the sole reason? I know why I am intrested in Philippine women that is because of my love for the Philippines and because I am not intrested in the women of my own country. If I wanted something cute and adoreable I could just as easily purchase an american ragdoll cat. You chose George but you stayed in the Philippines how many other pinay women have your morals I ask because of what a filipino woman named Rose said to me in an e-mail she sent to me about what I had written in my profile she could not understand how I couldn´t care less about the background of what ever Filipina that I might choose, this was followed by that she was raised under such less than favorable circumstances and how she had hated every minute of it

    1. Hi Anders, how are you? I’ve been receiving questions from you for a while now and I’m trying to reply you as much as I could. I may suggest you can start availing my Skype call one-on-one session like other guys do, for a more clarified answer. Also the benefit of having a one-on-one Skype call with me is you can list down all your questions and I’ll answer them in front of you, don’t you find that cool? It’s always good to discuss topics and you get more insight when you talk face-to-face in Skype. Think about it. See you in Skype.

      1. Hello Roma what is inappropriate when chatting with a filipina about a month ago I chatted with a filipina named Karen that I met on facebook. I liked and commented some of her photos and she went ballistic claiming that those photos of her was from a timeperiod that she wanted to forget. Which I think is strange since she had about 100 photos that she could so esaily had removed. Did I do something wrong ?

  4. hello I just wanted to share my story with you I met a Filipina woman she was 44 years old she had two teenage kids and we chatted online for a while and I went to the Philippines to meet her in person and meet her family everything went wonderful they all treated me like I was like King or something and her family was wonderful her father treated me with so much respect so I had all the respect in the world for them so we decided that I would bring her and her 2 kids here to the United States on a fiance visa we went through all the processes and you got her visas and I brought her and her kids here and everything was wonderful up until about 6 months before she got her permanent green card then I started to find out she was opening a bank account in her name only and not telling me about it she applied and got a credit card in her name only and didn’t tell me about it even though I had been the one that had been supporting her and her 2 kids and exactly one week from the date that we went to immigration to do the final paperwork to get her permanent green card she walked out the door I found out at that point that she was just using me to get her and her kids into America for one she could never aforded to do it on her own I was even supporting her why she was in the Philippines waiting to get her visa and 2 there would be no way she could have ever gotten a visa into the United States on her own so I just want other men out there to be careful I know not all Filipino women are like her but it cost me over $25,000 come find out she was just a fake and a scammer and a liar. like I say most Filipina women are very wonderful women she was just one of the bad ones and I was wanting to have someone to love so badly I did not see the signs in time so please be careful

  5. I met someone on the site and had fun as advertised. This was 6 months ago. Over that time things changed. She now talks with me on Skype. This happens when she is working and has access to a computer. Stated to me does not have her own computer or phone right now which is why she can chat with me only while at work. I accept the work she does. She says she has no other person in her life that is a boyfriend but me. I know some people think on line hookups are for losers but after a couple failed marriages and being burned in person, I am actually trying on line to see if this can work any better. My problem…I never considered being scammed until I looked for dating advice and find all the negative stuff. Yes I have sent her money but the amount is nothing that would make me broke and she seems too appreciate it just as any other girlfriend would because I would spend money on them too. Is there some way to tell if this is love or a scam. I cant read minds so I am trying to be trusting which again is what a relationship is all about. Thanks for a reply. If not, well it was nice to at least post my feelings somewhere.

    1. Hi Michael,
      I’m very sorry that I replied so late, your message got mixed up with my spam comments and I didn’t notice it until now. I hope everything is going well with you. When you meet a woman online, you don’t just believe what she says, you also have to do your own research if all what she’s saying are not in conflict of what she does.

      If she’s working then ask her to introduce you to a co-worker or ask her to send you a picture of her workplace with co-workers. You don’t just believe what she say or does, it’s okay to ask or find proofs. It’s all right to spend more time investing in knowing about a person that you want to end up with instead of knowing it late that you already invested too much feelings already.

      We get burned out later in a relationship because we do not put the necessary effort that we need to invest in the first place, so we get burned out like I said at the end because there’s already the feelings, time and effort in a relationship if we find out something that we don’t appreciate, then who is to blame it’s no other than ourselves because we didn’t put the time and effort we should have put in the first place.

      Also, don’t think that online dating and finding love online is for loser – don’t ever believe that because online I found the man, foreign man that I love so much and who loves me as well as much as I love him or even more. I’m here to prove that online dating is not for loser, it’s for more open-minded, patient, realistic people who believes that love can be found anywhere, or there’s always great love to be met or be created whether half world away. I hope to hear from you again. Give me an update.

    2. Hello Michael I have actually encountered a scammer just like the woman that you are describing that claimed to live in Hubei province in China. Haifeng and I had an email corrspondence for 12 days. During that time Haifeng said that she did not have a computer and that she used the office computer to send me e-mails. And all the sudden she told that she wanted to meet me and she had asked the husband of a relative who worked as a traveling agent. She told me that a state approved visa and airplanetickets would cost well over 3500 yuan she told me that she would use her savings. The next day she told me that her savings was not enough and if I had the same feelings for her as she had for me I would send the money asap. My best advice Michael are dont trust anyone who all the sudden start to talk about money like how much they make every month or how much rent they pay for there apartment or how much that handbag or those shoes that they want cost. So be careful Michael be very careful

  6. Hi Roma

    I am dating a Filipina bar girl and I love her a lot but as she works in the bar she meets a lot of guys and she hears a lot of story’s so I know she doesn’t trust me but we love each other and yes she says she loves me. I have never given her money and she has never asked for money. we have spent 6 weeks together last year and 6 weeks together this year but the rest of the time I’m in my country and she is in the Philippines.

    I dated another girl before her and I invested 500k peso in a business for the first one and after a typhoon the business went bust but we signed a contract and so the first girl still owes me the money and is paying it back slowly.

    The Filipina I am with now has never asked me for money and the only money I lost was on the LRT in manila when she had 5k peso of mine in her purse and it was stolen and because I was there I don’t think she took the money. So my question is what do you think of our relationship? I mean she is a bar girl so she’s no Angel and gets angry quick and I find it hard to get her to open up ….if I ask how are you feeling she will say ok lang and if I push for more detail she will say wala….If I ask her opinion on something she will say ..its up to you…and sometimes I feel like we are 2 soldiers on the battle field pointing rifles at each other scared not knowing what the other will do as we don’t trust each other….but as far as being faithful goes and love I trust her 100% with all my heart and I never doubt her but as far as money ….I don’t know if I will ever trust her.. I mean if I took the chance and she scammed me I would think im an idiot because she works in the bar and getting money from guys is her job so how could I trust her.

    I should mention I took her to on holiday and she was so negative ….so if I said oh its so maganda hear she would say I see that before im not jumping when I see that …it got to the point where I had enough and told her I couldn’t take it anymore but then she started crying and I felt she really did have a heart and she loved me so I made up with her. I mention this because its the only real sign I have that she really loves me.

    Anyway let me know what you think and the email I use to post this message is fake…sorry I didn’t want to use my real details incase she ever found this post….she doesn’t like it when I talk about my personal life with other people.

  7. Dear Roma: Dating site.

    dateinasia is a free site. i have been chatting with several lady’s. unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers on the site. it is difficult telling the difference between who is real and who is fake or a scammer. knowing this i am probably chatting with fakes. Anyway, i just wanted to share this with you and if you know of this site or have any opinions on it? Also, have been thinking about moving to Cagayan de oro. do you have an thoughts about this area as a place to live? thank you always!

    sincerely rick

    1. Hi Rick,
      For foreign guys who are into dating and who are planning to join dating sites or already in the dating sites, I suggest you watch my video ‘What Makes You a Good Target of Scammers and Con Artist‘ to get you a heads up about this online dating scammers. Also, I believe you have to be very careful or precautious when dealing online whether it’s related to dating or not, specially in the dating sites, there are so many scammers hiding and pretending as love seekers because they are aware that love seekers are easier to con.

      I only look up ‘Cagayan de Oro’ in Google to get some information and based on what Google tells me, it looks like a progressing city. There are malls, condominiums and the usual facilities around, so I think that’s a good place to consider. I can’t tell you much about it because I never been there and I don’t have any friend, co-worker or acquaintance that lives there, so I don’t really have a source of real based experience to share with you. But like I told you before, try to visit the places that you’re considering of staying, it will give you a real experience, good and bad to balance your decision when you’re ready to move here for good. All the best.

      1. also online, there are many bakla’s or ladyboy’s who take hormones and really look like girls or women. they really think of themselves as female and some seriously want a relationship with a man. some of them are upfront and state that they are a ladyboy or shemale, but some do not and will try to fool you! i do feel sorry for them because they are trapped inside the wrong body. my only desire is for a real girl or woman. roma, if you would like to comment on this, please do! thank you! rick

        1. Hello Rick,
          I was crazy busy after the typhoon. We didn’t have electricity for a week and my Internet line is still not fix. Anyway, I have seen foreigner guys myself that they are being fooled by those lady boys. Believe me or not some lady boys are really pretty than girls. They make me insecure too sometimes, because they are prettier or more flawless than I am or to a typical woman. They can also act more feminine, which they use to keep their foreign guys. When the foreign man is insisting to get intimate, they convinced the man that they are raised with morals and they are conservative that they can’t simply do it, where in reality they will be caught that they are too far to be a woman to get intimate with. It just make me smile how long they can pretend and how long a foreign man buy that feminine act and conservative excuse. Good to see you around, Rick.

        2. As a promoter who has put on many shows involving the LGBT community I can answer your question on how to tell if it is a man are a women and no not by there adams apple….. Simply ask to see there hands.. It is not offensive as a question and most people being women are men will show them… Now look at the size of the knuckles and veins …. men have bigger wider knuckles then women and except for having a total hand transplant this can not be changed.. and I don’t thing hand transplants are possible or affordable if possible.. The veins on mens hands are like the knuckles they will be wider and more prone to show…..

          Anywho sorry Roma for cutting in, just been reading thee questions now for hours and had an urge to say something lol

  8. Hi,

    mm well I’m a girl so i’m not here for dating but i have recently been interested in the Philippines culture. I was just wondering, why are there lots of Filipinas who are interested in foreigners?? are Filipino guys have some common bad characters?? and is it the same for guys??

    btw i’m not sarcastic or anything, i’m just really curious. One of my friends is getting engaged to Filipina and she is really adorable, i like her :). Also i have some Filipino and Filipina friends who are really dear to me

    1. Hi Radwa,
      Filipino guys, it’s common for them to be unfaithful earlier, later or all their relationship lifetime, because in our society or norms it’s accepted here to have mistresses or girlfriends even though they’re already married. The worst is some Filipino guys who can’t even afford to feed one family don’t care/don’t mind having mistresses. Most of them are selfish and playboys because our society make them feel its normal and it’s a manly gesture.

      To be fair, there are still many that are good, but they need to be protected or be moved out here in the Philippines those good guys because once they see they can play bad here but people don’t make them feel it’s bad then they will play all to their heart’s and sexual content .

      Also, for nice foreigners who have goal of finding or searching for love here, if they stay and exposed long enough how bad the unfaithfulness here, then they will become worst than Filipinos, they will try to get as much women as they can. That’s all based from my observation. Those good guys need to protected or else they will be contaminated. That’s why there are more and more Filipinas looking for foreigners, I think women here want a shift. We don’t want to be emotionally tortured by society anymore. Thanks for dropping by.

  9. Dear Roma,
    I have been watching your u tube videos and I like them.
    I have noticed a real problem with the pictures Filipinas upload on the dating site of Fcupid that those pictures
    are older pictures and showing the ladies in very good shape and really good looking , but when it comes to talking to them on Skype or even seeing different pictures of them I realized that they are older, fatter more wrinkled and so on… What I am saying is that they are trying to look better than they are in reality , and I can understand some of that but it’s somehow misleading and frustrating for the one looking at a profile picture..
    Your thoughts please. Thanks

    1. Hi John,
      I won’t disagree with you. There are women who do that kind of style, put up a nice picture, like ten years ago when they were ten years younger, lol, but it happens both ways. Men do that too and sometimes some guys don’t even put up picture in their profile. That’s why I always advice to men to always ask the woman right away that you are interested to chat with to show themselves in cam or in Skype, because it’s only fair for both of you to know initially if you will have the spark at first meeting. Don’t be hesitant to ask the woman to show herself right away, if she’s not willing to do that, she’s hiding something in a sense that she’s not as nice as what she put up in her profile picture. Also, for guys if a woman can’t do that simple request of showing herself right away in cam, then that’s not a good sign and she probably has other things that she can’t reveal initially or not so confident about herself. Anyway, that’s part of online dating, just take it easy, but don’t be scared on contacting as many prospects as you can.

  10. I have been living in Philippines for almost 3 years now. I have an apartment I rent year round. I started courting a Filipina before I returned back to USA for work. (I am in Philippines for 3 months then work in USA 3 months.) The problem is she already had a boyfriend when I met her and so it has been very difficult especially now that I am not there in PI. How do I continue to court her while I am in the USA and she is in PI? I cannot just ask her to go to a movie or go bowling. We do Skype a lot though, but I can feel her getting distant and she has been dating with her ex-boyfriend since I have left. Please HELP. Very sad and tired of crying myself to sleep and tired of waking up crying. I have met her family already. When we are together it is really good, but when we are apart it is not so good. Now she is asking me to give her time to think about what she wants and for me to observe my feelings for her. What do I do now? I am due to return to PI in May, but what can I do until then? I could maybe fly there for a week before May but it is so expensive for the ticket. Please advise. Salamat Po.

    1. Hi Peter,
      I can almost feel my tears while reading your message. Your situation is very touching for any woman. I hope she has a way of knowing how lucky she is to be loved like that by a foreigner like you. I’m only basing my advice on the information you gave me, you’ve said that you’re feeling her getting distant, because you think she’s dating with her ex-boyfriend, how did you know that she’s dating with her ex-boyfriend, did she tell you that or you’re just assuming that she is.

      Are you sure that she have feelings for you? Did you ask her online, in phone, in Skype to be your woman? If you don’t, what’s stopping you to do that? I have a clue that she also has feelings for you because she will not do the Skyping and she will not let you meet her family if she doesn’t have feelings for you. Try asking her soon to be your girl even online, you need to do that because you need to know where you stand and be ready to accept and respect whatever she decides.

      If you feel that she doesn’t want to commit yet and you still want to court her and be more successful on winning her heart, try to be cheerful, show her that you trust her and that you are not threaten by her ex. Don’t scare yourself that she might go or date her ex. You need to show her that you trust her enough that even her ex-boyfriend is around that you’re not worried. Do it for her and most of all for yourself, because being worried about ex-boyfriend or other men around her will only create a ghost in your mind that will always scare you all the time.

      In worst case scenario when she said not yet, respect her, but if you really love her tell her that you will be patient and wait for her until she’s ready to be your girl, if that’s what you are wanting and willing to do. If so, also ask yourself how long you can wait for her before your feelings be reciprocated by her? Are you also ready to absorb more pain if in the end she didn’t really give you the response to your feelings that you’re hoping for? When that happens and she doesn’t want to be your girl, it will be painful I know, but you just have to accept it and move on.

      But if she’s just confused on her feelings and situation now, just be on her side. Try to call her on phone especially on times that she doesn’t expect it. I always find that gesture sweet. Send her flowers if you can afford it or send her personalized e-card. Express and show how much you love her all the time and with patience and endurance, I believe you will win her heart.

      Keep me posted and I want to help you more. If there’s anything I can do to make her really see how lucky she is to be loved by a man like you, I will.

      Take care.

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