How to date a Filipina?

How To Date a Filipina?

This question seems so simple but there’s more into it. How will you date a Filipina woman? There are self evaluation questions that you need to answer first before you concentrate or even thinking of dating a Filipina. I recommend you read my post “Pre-Screening Questions Before You Date and Love a Filipina“.

Now, after reading my post and you’re positive about your answer now and only then I can help you evaluate or dig deeper on how to date a Filipina. There are now factors you need to consider when you are finally decided to date …

Did you create your checklist yet before you start dating a Filipina?

3 Checklist To Consider When Dating a Filipina

Now that you’re in the stage that you are decided to date a Filipina, you already created your profile in few dating sites and already have number of selected Filipina candidates. You are actually down to the phase of choosing the best candidate to love or get serious with, but before you assume that you are really ready to pick or you think that you’re ready to what I call the “Serious Stage or Selection Stage” there are some few research and some more studying that you need to do to confirm if you are really ready to love …

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Can Love or Feelings Turn You into a Wild Animal?

Slide28 Can Love or Feelings Turn You into a Wild Animal?

“Feelings can be like wild animals, we underrate how fierce they are until we’ve opened their cage”

I totally agree with this quote. When we’re in the state of being in love, we’re capable of being wild, irrational and no sense of wisdom. How ironic it is that when we are so in love we can be the opposite person of what we used to be. How can we make sure that love will not turn us into someone that is opposite of what we want to be?

It’s by being smart, observant and being patient in knowing what kind …

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Three Things a Person Needs to be Truly Happy

“They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.”

 This quote is very true indeed. You can also make them in whatever sequence you want. The something to hope for can be at the first sequence because if you don’t have those two things yet that supposed to complete your happiness you can always stay hoping in finding the someone that you can love and also hope at really finding what you really want to do.

That just tells us that “hope” or …


How Common Parents or Relatives Push Filipina to Ask Money from Foreigner?

Hello guys, I’m back. It’s so good to be back. I’m not able to create videos for two months because I was so busy working online and starting a small business offline. I really hope I have 30 hours a day, really. Anyway, there’s one comment or I would say question from one my videos that inspired me to create this video today, so I know his question applies with a high percentage of foreign man who are in the stage of chatting or dating online with a Filipina. He asked if it’s common for the family of the Filipina …