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My Love George and Myself

Hi my name is Romalyn, you can call me Roma for short. And I love the short version of my name, people tend to remember me more. He is my foreign love, his name is George. He is actually part of this website because there is a section here where you can choose to have a consultation with him.

After seeing some blogs about Filipina dating, which many are totally negative on how they view Filipina women, I have this feeling inside me that keeps bugging me that I have to speak out for both parties, but of course I represent Filipina women or just women in general. 

I am here to share mostly positive experiences, advice, tips and facts about Filipina, so then my post and articles will be mostly about searching, dating, marrying and relationship related issues about Filipina and Foreign Men.

I am not here to take any side. I said mostly positive, because I am aware of the fact that both parties need to apply caution when dealing online or offline, especially now that scams are all over and the more our technologies and gadgets improved, then the scammer’s gadgets and styles are improved as well. That being said I will reveal on my posts the good and bad, the pros and cons that should be considered by both Filipina and Foreign men to make their search successful. 

It’s up to the Filipina women and Foreign men to evaluate the gathered facts that will help them proceed with caution. I am encouraging every Filipina and Foreign man not to be discouraged, but instead proceed with wisdom. I created this website to show that I am a living proof that you can find love in the Philippines either online or offline. To find love is a journey no matter where you decide to look, so it’s a more challenging journey if you have decided to search for your love here. That journey has different stages.

The stages, especially the first stage and second usually are the part where you mostly take longer time, which I would say are critical stages because you’re gathering information in the first stage and in the second stage you are applying the information you gathered from the first stage, and that is what this website is all about, to give you the information that will help make your journey shorter without taking a shortcut.

What do I mean make your journey shorter without taking a shortcut? Like I said, finding love has stages and instead of finding all the information by yourself, it will be offered here so you can concentrate on getting to your goal. Also, this website will help you avoid the blunders, stumbling blocks, frustration and discouragement from beginning to the end stage of your journey.

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  1. Hello Romalyn I need some advice from you I have a pinay friend named Cherry I like her alot. But yesterday she told me that she´s going to open a deli with her brother and because of that she is going to either sell or pawn all of her things including her cellphone but she will contact me as soon as she can but it might take 2 months. I have a hard time understanding this.

  2. Hi Roma,
    I met a wonderful, sweet, kind, beautiful filipina on a dating site… I would love to grow old with her, The problem is that she is paper_married. Her ex remarried and has a family with another woman outside the Philippines. Since there is no divorce in the Philippines, we could not get married, so no green card and no way to marry in the Philippines. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    I thank you

    1. Hello Alfred,
      I didn’t hear from you since after sending you a recorded voice of mine as an answer to your question, but I answered your question using my gmail. I really hope that you find that advice helpful. Let me know if you get that email or that recorded voice, if not I will send it to you in your email or here in the comment section. Hope to hear from you. 🙂

  3. you have been so help full, i’ve met a filipina a few months ago & i love her with all my heart, i keep nothing from her she knows i’m not a rich man in any way, & she knows my situations, but i need help, she is a teacher & i changed my relationship status on facebook, i forgot to ask her, now things are coming apart she’s catching a lot of hell at work, she thinks i said only words to, her tricked her she might lose her daughter, i didnt really know all this, her english is good but i cant always undrstand her. Please can u help me, i have almost no money but ill gladly pay any price, i love her & her daughter more that any words in any language could ever express, i feel like i cant breath without her, please i beg u help me talk to her

  4. Hello Roma. No questions apologies for posting. I just wanted to wish you and George well. I am a Canadian married to a Filipina and agree with you that are many hearts, filipina and western that will do each other well by finding each other. I appreciate what you are doing. Helping others find the sort of love I have found that they might have believe impossible. Bless you.

  5. I would like to make a comment some men may have as it relates to your search, I was lucky to meet my dear hear in Canada when she was working, and we are deeply in love and she is my world, how ever before I went to her mothers home in a poorer area I asked or more so demanded a few amenities, before I would consider travel, IE washroom with toilet and shower, fridge coffee maker, ice, clean comfortable bed and room. this was an impossibility on the family without her asking , or saying quit bluntly, if I wanted western comforts id have to provide the financing of such as her family simply could not.
    I then forwarded the funds to her mother who had community and family members build a separate washroom and toilet facility and remake her mothers home to my western standard, and I was blown away with what they provided and accomplished with the funds I sent. And more over I was offered every invoice and receipt to prove the funds were not wasted, I can see suspicion by some men who are doing such things but 9 times out of10 the girl is telling the truth,
    When you send over a hundred dollars it really does go far there, and when she asks for just a few dollars, for basic needs or internet time im willing to bet shes on the level. And you can ask to see photos of receipts or proof of her sending funds such as , internet café costs or gov reciets for her needs.
    I know well maybe shes just going to have a good time on my dime, I don’t doubt a great meal is in her future, or a new pair of slippers, but you also know shes being genuine and cares to not abuse your gift of money, she will want to prove to you shes doing everything she can to assusre you shes not using you.

    I have spent a month there and can tell you first hand , when I met my wife and her family I was certain that she and everyone around her was genuine, There were request made by her brothers to help them to buy tools to do wood work, and carpentry, I sent over 1500 $ at x mas and I can tell you after seeing them go from making ruff cut lumber with a chain saw to making hand carved door kitchen cabinet and beds .
    I have no doubt it was some of the best money ive ever spent in my life.
    But I also spent a month around her family and got to know her brothers and learned to trust them as they have learned to trust me. AAnd its my belief they would never go and loose that trust or honor that has been built . that’s all for now that’s for reading Mike

  6. I am getting married to a Filipina. I have dated a few Filipinas here in the middle east and was the victim of a scam artist named Lyka Carreon and her father who live in angeles city. She even went so far as to have a foreign man threaten to murder me when I discovered her scam. I am traveling to angeles city this year to testify against her as the Philippines has arrested her and her father. On a good note, the woman I am engaged to is as honest as you could imagine. we dated before but when she left we drifted apart. She is the complete opposite of Lyka who I met while she was a barmaid here in Bahrain. My fiancée is very thrifty with money and always stops me from spending on her. Her parents are very strict about her ever asking for anything and it is very obvious she was brought up well. I happen to see your video on you tube by accident. I think it’s great what your doing from both sides. All the best to both of you.

  7. Hi roma, I had a couple of questions. You have a lot of videos about filipinas and not filipinos for foreign guys and not girls. Does this apply for both? the video about learning Tagalog, because I’ve been thinking I should and want to learn so that we could communicate better, also he keeps joking with me about learning it. I’ve been dating my bf for 5 months and he’s filipino. He just came to the US as a visit, or work visit, something like that 7 months ago. He was talking about he’s thinking about getting citizenship. I was kind of nurves for a while, thinking he was only dating me to become a citizen, and felt bad thinking that. But he was up front about it the first day we spoke.
    Also I wanted to know, is it common for filipino guys to buy/pay for everything? I’ve never had someone do this before and I’ve felt awkward about it. Also, is it common for the guys to say I love you so fast and talk about seeing them marrying you so soon? That only brings a little alarm to myself when he speaks of marriage.
    What do you think? I do have deep feelings for him and falling in love with him. I just don’t want to get hurt again. (and when I say, “hurt again”, I meant that was from an ex)

    1. Hi Kim,
      I’m so happy to have you here and much more be able to help you the best I could by answering your question. Some of my videos can be applicable for both gender like the Tagalog video, the Signs that makes you a target of Con artist and Scammer and the How to Spot Scammer in Dating sites.

      About learning Tagalog, if you’re not planning to stay here in the Philippines, then it is more practical that you don’t spend the hassle of learning the language, instead use the time and effort knowing him more. Try to be a harmless detective I would say. He wanted to work and marry a foreign woman, he should be the one doing the adjustment. But if you are going to live or visit more often in our country, then learning the language will definitely help you, but if he’s family are educated, I don’t think you will have issues talking to them in English. So, it’s still your decision if you will learn our native language or not.

      Why I am discouraging you to learn our language as of now? Your focus should be on knowing him more? Why? Because Filipino guys are naturally sweet, caring, lovable to the point that they almost do that to every woman. It’s hard to tell if they’re serious or just being nice specially knowing that he wants to work there and marry a foreign woman. When the right time comes that you finally prove and feel that it’s his love why he wanted to marry you, then that’s the time you can start getting or making yourself involve deeper.

      We have so many nice Filipino, faithful guys here, but because of the cultural norms how guys are look at here that it’s acceptable for men to play around, or even worst have a wife and a girlfriend on the side. Every Filipino guys are different, it’s the environment where they at that will affect how they stand as a man or a husband. Here guys become unfaithful because of our own environment and society. The paying for everything is normal for Filipino guys to do I would say at the beginning, because he’s trying to win your heart, but expect when you are already lovers that he may ask you to pay equal. If he still does, just let him do it, he’s very generous and sweet guy, just return his sweetness by doing your own sweet ways that he’s not expecting, like buy him a shirt, or whatever he uniquely likes, I’m telling you all guys love that gesture. Don’t hesitate to drop me a message if you have more question. Keep in touch.

      1. Thank you so much for replying. I’m sorry for replying back so late. College have been keeping me busy.
        It does make sense to hold off on learning the language, and I’ve talked to him about it. His parents do speak English, so I would still be able to talk to them no matter what. I’m very glad to hear that most Philipino guys are nice and sweet and that it’s normal for him to spend on me, but I’ve been trying to pitch in with things even if he doesn’t want me to. This makes me feel very at eased to hear all of this. I do need to know more about him, and I’ve been trying. He just keeps himself closed at time, is that makes sense. I really do enjoy his company and we’ve been so close, faster then I have ever been with someone. I guess it’s from me being heart broken from the past which makes me nerves and scared. But with you, this made me feel much better and trust him a lot more then what I have been. I’m just hoping I can grow to know him more as time goes by and when February comes along, we were thinking of moving in together. Thank you so much once again for replying and helping me with this. You made me at ease. I will definitely keep in touch and I’ll probably have more questions, maybe girly ones lol *hugs*

        1. Hi Kim,
          No worries about not being able to reply right away. I get so busy sometimes myself, I know we all does. I’m happy that my reply made you at ease. I want to help foreign guys to find their Filipina to date and to love, I’m doing that because I want to help women in the first place, but if I can help foreign women like you, then that is even more awesome. I want to help every woman overall, no matter what the race is, status and beliefs, we are all entitled to true love and happiness. I hope to see you around and feel free to ask me anything related about Filipino-Foreign relationship. *mwhah*

  8. Dear Roma,

    I’m seeing a Filipina, and she has two last names. I believe her story that it was a clerical error, she is missing one letter from her photo Identification compared to her birth certificate.

    Here is my question, she tells me it could take 3-6 months to change a letter in her name, is she telling the truth?

    Thanks Darby

    1. Hi Darby,
      Yes, she’s telling the truth because any legal process here in the Philippines are really slow. One more tip, to avoid any issues like that whenever you are dealing about legal process or documents-take the time to read any information keyed-in in any important document, make sure all the information are all correct because going back to the same place to correct that document I’m telling you is a long pain in the neck, so it is just wise to take the time to read and scan before leaving the place and once you or she finds any error don’t be hesitant to ask them to correct it right away. I hope that helps.

    2. My filipina wife of over 5 years has a different last name as than her sister as a clerical error, that has never been corrected as all her id matches just not to family name , so id say its common .

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