Almonds Chocolate


Introducing my new confection addition: Almond Honey Soft Nougat candies,dipped in chocolate. Nougat is a confection,made mainly with nuts,honey and egg whites.
My Almond Honey Soft nougats are chewy,soft,full of honey-almond flavor.I make them in small batches,hand cut, hand dip in chocolate.The order is for 12 Nougat chocolates,coming packed in a neat candy box.These little sweet things would make a perfect gift to your loved ones!


It’s hard to pinpoint why ALMOND A Butter crunch is so popular. It could be the attractive pink tin, or the fancy gold foil that surrounds each confection. Chances are, though, it’s Almond a’s rich flavor, a combination of ingredients that blend together so well it’s like they were made for each other. They start with a butter crunch center made with real vanilla and butter created especially for Brown & Haley. Since they don’t add salt or water to their butter crunch, the texture is crunchy, but with a soft bite. Next, the center is coated with the rich flavor of chocolate made with cocoa beans from around the world, then topped with fresh almonds – not roasted – for a softer, more delicate flavor. The result A creamy, crunchy confection that almost melts in your mouth! One customer wrote “No one makes a product like this. It is a one of a kind candy. It is awesome and has been for as many years as I can remember.”