Now that you’re in the stage that you are decided to date a Filipina, you already created your profile in few dating sites and already have number of selected Filipina candidates. You are actually down to the phase of choosing the best candidate to love or get serious with, but before you assume that you are really ready to pick or you think that you’re ready to what I call the “Serious Stage or Selection Stage” there are some few research and some more studying that you need to do to confirm if you are really ready to love and marry one of them after checking and studying this checklist.


Filipino CulturesOne of the most important things to put on your checklists is studying or getting familiar about Philippine Culture. Why you need to study our culture? This is necessary because I am telling you no matter how liberated, young or modern your Filipina girl or wife is, she still will be following the norms and tradition that she grew up with and probably take it with her even when she started living with you in your own country.

One example of norms that we normally practice is we remove our shoes before we get inside the house or before entering other people’s house. This is very common practice and a sign of respect to the homeowner or valuing the effort of the person maintaining the house. For Westerners, you might feel this practice weird, but that’s one practice that you cannot just ask us to forget.

Strong Family Ties

Filipino Family BondAnother thing to add on your checklist is we have stronger family ties and we value our parents so much. It’s part of our being Filipina to help our families, relatives and our getting old parents. Because of this belief or practice, some people who don’t understand yet how family oriented we are misunderstood this. They think that we are crazy, slave, martyr on keeping financially involved or sending money to our old parents, family members that needs help and relatives that’s in financial trouble too.

It will be easier for a foreign man like you to know this early that no matter how hard you are trying to make your Filipina wife realize that it is not her duty to help her families anymore, you will just figure out that she’s still helping them secretly, only if you are sort of stopping her, because she will always feel guilty or ungrateful if she did not help her own family back here thinking or believing that she’s in a position to do so.


Filipina PrayingMost Filipinas belong to the Roman Catholic Church, mostly because of the influence of their parents. Also nowadays there are other religions that are available or being practiced by some Filipinas. I believe that’s one thing that makes us attractive, because we have a strong faith in God no matter what religion we belong. Also, if your Filipina happens to be a member of a religion that you are not practicing with, you will be most likely be required by her or her parents to join them or be converted on a religion that they belong.

This is significant to ask your Filipina in the very early stage of dating what kind of Christian religion she belongs, because most dating sites has no specific data of each and every religion available here in the Philippines, so then most Filipina will only choose the Christian option, but that Christian has so many branches that are completely different from one another, so then after you figure out that your Filipina belongs to a religion that you are not familiar with, decide early if you can accept not only her but her faith also.

These are just the few on the checklists that I can come up with for the meantime, but I believe these are the major things that you should consider before getting serious or choosing the Filipina that you want to love. Because, believe me, if these three major factors are not consider or even one of them is not being clarified in the early stage of the relationship, the foundation of your relationship will not be stable, it will be shaky the least to say, so then it is very important to make the foundation stable of course in the beginning of the relationship while you can.

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